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LiquidWeb Posts Incredible Enterprise Server Deal on Twitter!

You can save about $900 on this enterprise server:

Dual CPU + Dual Core Opteron 2212

– QUAD Processor Performance!

24/7/365 Phone and Helpdesk Support

24/7/365 Pro-Active Service Monitoring

100% Network Uptime Guarantee

30 Minute Hardware Replacement SLA

4800GB Premium Multi-Homed Bandwidth
(2400in + 2400out)


Price: $399/mon

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Advanced Virtualization with VDS

Advanced Virtualization with VDS

Virtualization is one of the most talked about server technologies in the web hosting business.  VDS represents the latest hosting trend, a way to provide customers with a platform optimized for demanding tasks.

Short for virtual dedicated server, VDS is a type of hosting solution that delivers the benefits of a dedicated server […]

How Should You Configure Your Dedicated Server?

When you realize that you need a dedicated hosting solution to take your website to the next level of performance, you may want to consider signing up with a provider that gives you more than just the server.  A respectable host will facilitate a thorough hardware configuration process to ensure that you get the […]

4 Elements to Consider in a Dedicated Hosting Review

Many experts and customers will highly recommend that you read consumer reviews when looking for a dedicated server plan.  While every hosting website shines in its marketing prose, only through consumer experiences can you determine if the host lives up to its glorious claims.  A detailed review will provide you with comprehensive details on four […]

What to Look for in a Dedicated Server Host

Companies who offer dedicated hosting packages give you the ability to utilize your own server.  This makes a great choice if you require guaranteed resources – minus all the security and performance issues associated with traditional web hosting.  With a dedicated server, you are better assured speed, reliability and the flexibility needed to customize […]

Do You Really Need a Dedicated Server?

Unlike the typical shared hosting arrangement where all customer sites are stored on a single server, a dedicated server is made exclusive to one customer.  As the name implies, the machine is dedicated solely to your usage, providing you with 100% of the vital server resources.  This includes disk space, CPU, memory and bandwidth.  […]

Cluster Servers 101: How They Prevent Server Failure

As it relates to server technology, a cluster refers to two or more computers working cohesively to deliver a higher level of scalability and reliability than can be achieved with a single machine.  Cluster servers are primarily used to help prevent three types of failure:

1.) Application and service failures that impact software applications and […]

Cloud Computing Revisited

I was rightly reminded that I didn’t finish my cost comparison on cloud computing; I am duly reprimanded, and I will continue it here.
I’m not going to make any guarantees about stability or reliability; that was covered last post, and I’ll only be dealing with cost comparison here. As far as I can tell, cloud […]

A More In-Depth Look At Speeding Up Servers: Prologue

I wrote a more generalized post about speeding up servers awhile back, but those tips can only bring you so far. To truly get every ounce of speed out of your dedicated server, you’re going to have to optimize everything from the applications to the operating system!
I would like, however, to emphasize two things before […]