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What is the Big Deal about Server Virtualization?

A friend recently asked if we were going crazy with defining virtualization within an already virtual world. Many would share his thought. The term ‘virtual’ has taken a nested avatar, one within another. Server virtualization is one such concept. However, if you look closely, you’ll realize that though the web is virtual, the web server […]

How Good is a cPanel Server

Amidst all the technological innovations taking place around us, which ones do you think click with people? The ones that are easy to use. If you were offered the command line-based operating system and the point-and-click one, you will be more inclined towards the latter one, because it is easier to use. cPanel is one […]

SSL Technology to Establish Trust for Your Server

A business that thrives on its websites needs to draw traffic. And traffic will not follow if the website cannot be trusted. How can you make your website, essentially your web server, trustworthy? In the real world, if an authority certifies that you are trustworthy, the public will trust you. The scenario is the same […]

Why Go For a Managed Dedicated E-mail Server?

Do you have one or more e-mail clients open even as you read this post? Checking e-mails has become an everyday ritual for almost all of us. If you got a penny for every time you look at your Inbox, you would become richer than Bill Gates! E-mails are as important as water or air […]

Cloud Computing and SaaS

Talking about the Cloud is fashionable. If you haven’t heard about cloud computing, you are not cool enough. It’s a different matter altogether that not all people talking about it understand it well. There’s one area that makes even the advocates of cloud computing confused. It is the Cloud’s comparison to SaaS.
Now, cloud computing, as […]

Should You Go For Virtual Private Servers?

Yeah, you already know that dedicated hosting is way better than shared hosting. And you have all the reasons to move from the server that you share with hundreds of other websites. But, no, you cannot afford to invest in a dedicated server at this point of time. What do you do then? Do you […]

Why Server Clustering is Good

Remember the maxim, “Unity is strength”? Server clustering is a technological example supporting the maxim. What one server cannot do, several manage with ease. Yes, cluster servers do away with the limitations of single servers and offer you an superior experience. Want to know how? Read on.

Cluster servers offer increased reliability and high availability. They […]

LiquidWeb Coupons August 2009

Both of these LiquidWeb coupons expire September 9, 2009. Enjoy the savings while you can!
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20% off all Liquid Web Select server configurations. Not combinable with other promotions or specials. Discount does not apply to software licensing fees.
Quadruple the standard RAM […]

Is it Time to Move to a Dedicated Server?

Do you wonder if you should move to a dedicated server? Seeing businesses invest in dedicated servers and looking at the benefits they have to offer, it is likely that you will wonder if it time for your business to acquire one. The best way to find out if shared hosting, your current hosting plan […]

How Good is a Colocation Server?

On one hand, owning a server gives you control, and thus, peace of mind. On the other, it snatches your peace of mind with the responsibilities of monitoring and maintaining it. The concept of server colocation offers to provide you control and absolute peace of mind at the same time. A colocation server is a […]

Is Server Virtualization Any Good?

Cost was not the only factor behind virtualization of servers. High availability and reliability driven by smart allocation of resources are what made virtualization emerge and stay. So, how does server virtualization help businesses? In today’s post, we’ll find out just that.

Cost reduction: Virtualization causes you to buy less hardware, thereby saving you money. Also […]

How Does a Dedicated Server Help?

Do you get confused every time you hear about the limitations of shared hosting? Do consultants ask your business to make a shift towards dedicated server hosting? If you haven’t experienced a problem with shared hosting yet, you are one of the lucky few. If you expect your website(s) to experience heavy traffic in the […]

A Web Server Software Comparison

Wikipedia has an entry that compares web server software. If you look at the chart then you should see some very important details. Here are the main things to look for:

The name of the server is the left most field in the chart
The name of the developer is the next field to the […]

Server Security: IIS Lockdown For Windows Server

IIS stands for Internet Information Services. IIS Lockdown is a software package for additional security on a Windows server. Requirements for using the package are Windows 2000, Windows NT, or Windows XP. The software works by turning off unnecessary features, making your system more secure against attackers from outside.
Microsoft earlier this year, January, introduced IIS […]

How Shared Hosting Affects Your Identity

In an earlier post, we had discussed the limitations of shared hosting. There is another thing that is not typically listed as a limitation but may cause severe problems to websites. It is the common identity bestowed upon by shared hosting to all websites on a server.
A server is typically identified by an […]

Setting Up the Data Center

Many organizations wonder if they should go for data centers and if they will be able to handle their management. Data centers are important for any large organization with many servers to take care of. However, small organizations with a couple of single servers need not invest in a data center. The need, however, arises […]

Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing may be a controversial subject today but it is going to be looked at as a revolutionary technology in retrospect. With the US government issuing a Request For Proposal (RFQ) for cloud computing and a few months, we can expect more organizations leaping at the Cloud. Let’s look at what makes it good […]

Pros and Cons of Server Clustering

A group of servers working together helps where the single server fails. I guess the notion of bringing servers together to form a cluster came from the adage ‘unity is strength’. The concept of cluster servers promises business continuity in instances of a major problem with a server. However, clustering has some limitations too. In […]

Six Things That Managed Hosting Takes Care Of

The wonderful dedicated server becomes all the more lucrative with managed hosting. Managed hosting ensures high availability of your server, provides you technical support and the assurance of optimum performance, and comes with tons of additional features. Managed web hosting definitely gives you peace of mind. So, what does it actually take care of? Let’s […]

Cloud Computing Entices the US Government

This Cloud is not dark! Cloud computing is getting popular, even with the Federal Government. Last week, the government’s agency, General Services Administration (GSA) issued a Request For Quotation (RFQ) for cloud storage. This RFQ is indicative of the federal services’ interest in the upcoming technology.
An article by J Nicholas Hoover in InformationWeek goes on […]

Advantages of Windows Dedicated Servers

In our previous post, we glanced at the advantages of the Linux dedicated server. Today, we’ll look at the benefits its rival, Windows dedicated server, has to offer.

Support for .NET technologies: The .NET technology is a software framework developed by Microsoft. Therefore, Windows dedicated server is essential for websites that have been built […]

Advantages of Linux Dedicated Servers

In one of our earlier posts, we had discussed the advantages of the Linux and Windows operating systems for servers. Today, we’ll look at the advantages of the Linux-based dedicated server more closely.

Low costs: Being an open-source software, Linux is a good option for server owners looking at a low-cost option for their […]

How Do Semi-Dedicated Servers Help?

Unlike dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers are not privately owned. They behave like shared servers to an extent. With a semi-dedicated server, you have root access and control over a part of the server. You will share a semi-dedicated with a few other websites, but unlike a shared server, the sharing will be with no more […]

Why Cluster Dedicated Servers are Better Than Single Ones

The concept of bringing servers together to form a cluster was brought in because one server could not provide assurance on high availability and business continuity. Cluster servers impressed organizations with all the promised they made. Let’s look at how cluster servers can help your business.

Cluster servers cause work load to be distributed across several […]

Future of Data Centers

The data center, also known as the server farm, is the place where servers are kept. Organizations that own servers have to deal with managing not only their servers but also their data centers. A data center has to look at the security of the servers apart from ensuring their availability and functionality.
Data centers not […]

Understanding Server Virtualization

Virtualization is not a new concept in the computing world. It refers to virtual entities made of a tangible entity. Server virtualization is similar in concept. A server is virtually petitioned into several sections, allowing each section to work individually. The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a result of server virtualization. I was looking for […]

Dedicated Server Security

The security of the dedicated server is one that concerns all website owners who are looking beyond limitations of bandwidth and disk space. However, in lieu of servers dedicated to their needs, they have to take measures to ensure their security. Now, the good news is that a dedicated server is more secure than a […]

How VPS Hosting Helps Your Business

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the perfect solution for those whose needs and expectations are not met by shared hosting. You would say, why not dedicated server hosting then? Well, the businesses who opt for VPS hosting are typically the ones who cannot afford dedicated servers but would like the services to be better […]

Benefits of Managed Hosting

Letting others manage something that you own may trouble the control freaks or the micro-managers but for most of the people, it brings peace of mind, especially, if the ones handling the management are experts in the domain. Managed hosting brings the same relief for owners of dedicated servers. Let’s look at the benefits of […]

Cloud Computing is Making Waves

Love it, hate it, but you cannot ignore it. That’s the story of cloud computing these days. While some discard cloud computing calling it a trap (We are obsessed with Richard Stallman, aren’t we?), there are others who think the concept is set to revolutionize the web world. And the latter believe in cloud computing […]