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Can You Manage Your Dedicated Server?

You would want to own a dedicated server for the numerous benefits it offers. However, such a server brings along responsibilities. You have to take care of it; you have to manage it. How well equipped are you to look after your server?
When you decide to invest in a dedicated server, you can go for […]

Why is the Cloud Good?

This Cloud seems to have no silver lining, at least that’s what the controversies surrounding it seem to suggest. We beg to differ. Yes, we understand that the Cloud is not fool-proof yet, but we are sure that in the time to come, it will be one of the most popular and effective technologies.
Let me […]

Can Shared Hosting Handle Your Expanding Business?

You may think that anything that comes out on this blog cannot be in appreciation of shared hosting. Let me tell you that when we ask you to move on from a shared server, it is because we understand that shared hosting cannot accommodate your ambitions. There is nothing wrong with shared hosting, but it […]

Why a Virtual Private Server (VPS) Makes Sense

Imagine living in a dormitory where everyone is scrambling for space, and you have to really struggle to get some extra space for your belongings. Now, imagine the dorm being partitioned into cubicles, one for each. And if you pay more, you can even have two or more cubicles for yourself. These partitions may not […]

The Problem with Managing the Data Center on Your Own

You need a data center when you have many servers to maintain. Now, maintaining a data center on your own can be quite taxing. The difficulty lies not in the technical know-how, but more in the fact that organizations have to look at managing the data center apart from focusing on its core business. After […]

How to Choose a Hosting Company

When you are on the lookout for a hosting solution, you want a hosting company that can guarantee quality service on the lowest of costs. While these are essential criteria, you need to have other criteria to make a choice. I hope you don’t agree to use the first supposedly cost-effective host you come across. […]

Is Server Virtualization Good for Businesses?

What is server virtualization anyway? It simply refers to the logical partitioning of servers into several sub-servers. Each of these sub-servers is referred to as a virtual server. You may wonder if virtualization makes any difference given the physical server remains the same. When you cannot afford to own a complete server, you have to […]

Server Clustering Has Its Limitations

Cluster servers are a good way to ensure round-the-clock availability of your applications. They minimize downtimes and recover from downtimes fast, offering business continuity. Server clustering seems to be an ideal solution rescuing us from the problems of the single server. However, clustering has its limitations. Let me explain.
Clustering of servers require you to own […]

Why is the Dedicated Server Good?

A dedicated server is good for a simple reason: It is completely dedicated to you. Yeah, that’s why you should go for a dedicated server. Now, on a technical note, a dedicated server gives you the kind of control and space that a shared server cannot offer.
If the applications on your server are critical for […]

Should You Go For Managed Hosting?

If you have moved on from shared hosting to dedicated hosting, you know how important the dedicated server is for your business. However, you also know by now that being in control of the server puts you in charge of its management too. And server management is far from being simple. Should you go for […]

Why Linux May Be a Better Choice for Your Server

There is one battle that has been on since the world embraced computers and operating systems: the battle between the mighty Windows and the upright and sturdy Linux. Internet forums are flooded with discussions on which one is better. While individuals and organizations have chosen their winners, there hasn’t been any clear winner. Windows work […]

What Makes cPanel Popular?

What is better than management? Simplified management. And a hosting control panel offers you just that for websites. Among the control panels available, cPanel has become the most popular one. What makes cPanel popular? While some say that it is the intuitive and highly functional graphical interface that clicks with people, others vouch by its […]

Colocation Hosting Vs Managed Hosting

The biggest concern of any organization who owns a server is its management. Managed hosting gives you peace of mind. Colocation hosting is a kind of managed hosting.
Colocation hosting means that your server is located in the premises of a hosting company. However, managed hosting, in the truest sense, means that the hosting company […]

LiquidWeb Doubles Bandwidth Allocations

Keep up the good work guys! This just arrived in my inbox:
Liquid Web has completed a significant upgrade to its network capacity
and core infrastructure which has greatly enhanced its ability to
efficiently serve high volumes of bandwidth. Contained within the
now-completed project are a number of 10 gigabit Internet circuit
activations, along with expansions into Chicago with […]

Cluster Servers to Your Rescue

United we stand, divided we may not be that good! That’s the mantra behind cluster servers. Server clustering can really rescue you when you are struggling with single servers. Single dedicated servers are good but they seem to become better with clustering. Let me explain how.

You will experience improved performance. In cluster servers, the work […]

Outsourcing Data Center Management

Why do you use the services of a babysitter? To take care of your kids when you have to go out or have other things to take care of. Why do you hire a financial adviser? To help you manage your finances as you lack the expertise. Now, both these instances seem to suggest that […]

Why You May Need a Windows Server

What makes Windows popular even with so many open-source operating systems available? Which OS do you have on your system? The home-user finds it user-friendly in spite of the times it crashes without a reason. For the server owners, however, Windows is important because of other reasons. Wanna know which ones? Read on.
Microsoft has not […]

Are You Ready For the Dedicated Server?

Years of using the shared hosting service makes us complacent. We don’t even review our own needs and keep renewing our hosting service year after year. Have you looked at your website’s statistics lately? How much has the traffic increased? Do you need more bandwidth or space? Is shared hosting meeting your needs effectively?
With time, […]

How the Load Balancer Works

When you win a football match, who gets the credit? The entire team, even if there was a star player of the day. In the match, one person doesn’t take control of the ball. The ball is passed on to whoever can take it nearer to the goal. Servers behave like members of a team […]

VPS Hosting is a Good Stopover Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Overheard in a supermarket: The virtual world is so over-hyped. We had a good time even without it in our days, isn’t it?
Well, nostalgia is not bad, but does one need to criticize emerging technologies to remember old times? Virtualization is no longer just about the Internet anymore. Now, everything that facilitates the world wide […]

Is Cloud Computing Really Good for Your Business?

Irrespective of all the debates on cloud computing, we believe that it has a lot of benefits for a business. And it starts with the promise of reduced costs and better user experience. Let us look at the proposed business benefits of the Cloud.

Fast and easy installation: Cloud computing is one concept that does not […]

Choosing the Right Web Host

Choosing the right hosting company can be quite a task. With so many web hosts vying for your attention and offering ‘special’ features, you cannot decide easily on what suits your needs. Let me share a few pointers on choosing a good web host for your website.
Find out if the web host can provide you […]

Is Server Clustering for Everyone?

Being dedicated to “dedicated,” we have always told you how such dedicated servers can revolutionize your business experience. However, we have also told you to take your time before deciding if you should go for a dedicated server. The deal is the same with cluster servers. There is no doubt they […]

Which is Better – cPanel or Plesk?

There are no clear winners in certain areas in our lives. Take for example, food. Which one do you think is better – a home-cooked spread or a seven-course fare at your favorite restaurant? Now, while I think home-food is any day better than anything else, you may have a different opinion. Similarly, the opinion […]

How Dedicated Servers Revolutionize Your Web Experience

Organizations that have websites being hosted by a shared host may not experience a problem until their bandwidth and space requirements increase. If the traffic to your website is increasing rapidly, you should consider a dedicated server. It will provide you enough resources for an improved performance of your website. That’s not all. A dedicated […]

Colocation for Fuss-Free Server Maintenance

Dedicated servers are typically kept in-house or kept with a hosting company to manage. However, managed hosting is something not all organizations can afford. There is another kind of system where your dedicated server is kept in the premises of a hosting company, and you decide the level of server management you seek from it. […]

An Overview of Load Balancing

What do you do when you have a lot of work and you know you cannot finish it with one resource? You distribute it among several resources. We do this all the time, at home, at work, everywhere. It is, therefore, logical to bring this concept to the virtual world. Today, I will introduce you […]

Shared Hosting Cannot Satisfy Everyone

A friend asked why we criticize shared hosting so much when most of the websites use this hosting service. I retorted with “Does popularity necessarily mean quality?” He smiled and asked if I don’t have any proper arguments. This conversation got me thinking if I wasn’t making my thoughts clear on shared hosting. Yes, shared […]

What is Plesk?

OK, you have got the server, your website(s), and your applications. Now, how do you manage all these? You would need some kind of a control panel to handle these. In our earlier posts, we discussed the cPanel control panel which is one of the most popular server control panels. Plesk is another very popular […]

Do You Need A Datacenter?

Remember the times when you had to keep your computer in a cool, dust-free room? Your personal computer may not need such a cozy environment anymore, but your precious servers do. The datacenter is what houses your organization’s servers.
The benefits of a datacenter are many. But a datacenter may not be necessary for every organization. […]