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What is Penetration Testing?

When you want to ensure absolute security of something, the first thing that you do is that you test the endurance of that thing. This helps you figure out how secure the system currently is and what you need to do to enhance its security. Today, we are gonna talk about something that evaluates the […]

Why Dedicated Servers Are More Secure

One of the biggest problems with shared hosting is if one website on the server gets hacked then it’s likely that other sites on the same server will get hacked as well. Of course, this depends on several factors, including the severity of the attack. But let’s assume that Site #1 was hacked and the […]

Do You Have A HoneyPot?

Server security is very important and in recent months has become even more important as hackers have increased their level of education and are becoming a bigger threat to servers of all kinds. One way to combat hackers is to offer them a honeypot.
A honeypot is a server that is set up to look like […]

What to Look For in a Web Host

How do you choose your web host? Do you go for the one that offers the least expensive deal, or the one that promises a zillion features? Choosing a web host is no easy task. The sheer number of service providers available today is overwhelming. When searching for a host on Google, most people don’t […]

Managed Hosting Need Not Be Expensive

More often than not, the perceived complexity of server management is what deters people from owning servers. I say, if you need a dedicated server, you gotta have one. Don’t let its management bother you. You can always go for managed hosting. Isn’t that expensive? Well, it’s not free and yet I wouldn’t call it […]

Cloud Computing is Going Great Guns

An article published in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal discusses the growth of cloud computing in the times when the rest of information technology saw a decline. The article says:
In recent years, companies spent on cloud computing, or the delivery of services through the Internet, and virtualization, a technique that […]

Dedicated Servers Can Give Your Websites a Makeover

The world’s been reiterating what we have always maintained: if you have high-traffic websites, you have to go for dedicated servers. Obvious, isn’t it? So, I was surprised when I saw a news piece titled, Dedicated servers ‘ideal for high-traffic sites’ on the Net.
Why mention the obvious, I thought. But I guess there are still […]

6 Reasons I Like Cloud Computing

It’s not news, I know. You know that I like cloud computing. Today, I will tell you why (as if I haven’t told you before!).

It helps me cut down costs. Operational expenses are reduced with cloud computing. I have to pay only for what I use; costs are directly proportional to what I need. Oh […]

Why Linux is Well-Suited to Servers

One of my friends recently said, “Call me biased, but I would never go for anything other than Linux for my server.” Yeah, those were the exact words. I know several other people who would argue that Unix or Windows is as much good. However, my friend’s conviction got me thinking. And boy, I found […]

The Problems With Shared Hosting

OK, before you go all berserk denying there are any problems with shared hosting, let me tell you that I agree that shared hosting is the most popular web hosting method now. But that does not mean that it’s flawless. Of course, it is not. The biggest reason it is popular is because it is […]

What Happens in Server Clustering?

We have told you that clustering servers makes servers perform better and increases the availability of our applications. What exactly happens is that when one server in a cluster fails or cannot handle a task properly, other servers come to its rescue, ensuring maximum availability of your network applications.
Clustering is done by binding servers together. […]

Why Everyone is Embracing the Cloud?

The concept of cloud computing never ceases to trigger discussion and arguments. As they say, love it or loathe it but you can’t ignore it. That’s exactly the scene with the Cloud. While surfing the Internet today, I came across a news report on a study conducted by Gartner, a research organization. The study suggests […]

What Makes Dedicated Servers Rock?

Of course, we will tell you that dedicated servers are good. And we will substantiate our statement with facts. Let’s have a look at them.

It gives you absolute control. Dedicated server hosting puts you in charge of all matters related to hosting your website. You can use as much bandwidth and disk space as you […]

cPanel’s Intuitive Interface Makes it a Great Server Control Panel

In one of the recent posts, I told you about the things that make Plesk a popular choice for the server control panel. Now, cPanel is an extremely popular control panel too. In fact, it is one control panel that maintains its high popularity in spite of its cost. Is it just hype or does […]

Data Center Management is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Owning a server brings along benefits and responsibilities. The responsibilities can take a toll on you if you have more than a couple of servers to take care of. And if you have deployed clustering of servers, you just have too much to take care of. So, how to manage the servers? To begin with, […]

Managed Dedicated Servers Provide Several Business Benefits

We have told you how dedicated hosting offers you the reliability and security that shared hosting cannot provide. The dedicated server is good, but you know what is better? The managed dedicated server. Managed hosting adds that icing on the cake of the dedicated server, providing you complete peace of mind when it comes to […]

How Much Does the Dedicated Server Cost?

While we have always recommended the dedicated server, we have also maintained that you should look for other options if you cannot afford one yet. So, is the dedicated server really expensive? It is definitely more expensive than the shared server. And its cost is actually relative to your needs.
Now, if you look only at […]

How Good is Plesk?

Both cPanel and Plesk are popular choices as server control panels. Opinions are divided on which one is better. For the uninitiated, Parallels Plesk Panel is what is commonly referred to as Plesk.
One area where Plesk definitely scores over cPanel is the cost. Plesk is a cost-effective choice for a server control panel. However, there […]

Liquid Web Launches Zimbra Dedicated Server Offering

Today Liquid Web announced a large offering of dedicated servers in partnership with Zimbra. Liquid Web Zimbra is 100% compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server and provides two-way interoperability with most collaboration platforms. This means that Zimbra and Exchange users can share calendars, contacts, tasks, see availability for scheduling and collaborate across both platforms. […]

New Fusion-IO Dedicated Servers at Liquid Web

Liquid Web’s SSD servers just got better. Today, they announced the availability of the world’s most advanced NAND clustering technology designed for server based application-centric storage, the Fusion-IO ioDrive.
Fusion-ioDrives are high-performance solid state (SSD) hard drives designed with the revolutionary silicon-based storage architecture ioMemory that can easily match the I/O performance of the world’s […]

How Does a Dedicated Server Benefit You?

Yeah, a dedicated server is good. Since a dedicated server is completely dedicated to you, it brings along several benefits. But how exactly does it benefit you? We have discussed this several times in the post. Today, we’ll re-visit the points.

It offers greater reliability and high availability. Network problems such as downtimes, traffic bursts, server […]

Taking Care of Your Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is definitely bliss. But it brings on trouble as well. The trouble of monitoring and managing it everyday. Server management is no mean task. It takes a dedicated team to manage a dedicated server. So, what do you do? Dedicate a team. But there could be problems with the internal team as […]

4 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Your Web Host

The choice of a hosting service depends on your needs. Given the number of options available, it becomes difficult to zero in on one host. So, what should you see in a host before hiring its services?

Look for high-speed connectivity. If your web pages take ages to download, you risk losing traffic. Make sure the […]

3 Reasons it is Time to Move on from Shared Hosting

Let me begin by telling you that shared hosting is not bad. But it is definitely not for everyone, especially for businesses that thrive on network applications. If you have been with a shared host for long, it may be time for you to revisit your needs and figure out if you should stick to […]

5 Reasons Cloud Computing Rocks

Cloud computing is one technology that doesn’t cease to trigger debates everywhere you go. While some of such debates are intelligent, others are downright dumb. Yeah, the Cloud has both its benefits and limitations. Businesses the world over are leaping up to the benefits cloud computing has to offer. Let me share with you five […]

Is Server Clustering Really Good?

Too many people may spoil the broth in the kitchen, but in other places too many things are good. United is how the servers in a cluster deliver. I like the concept of clustering servers but clusters can be complicated.
Server clustering is based on the concept of bringing many servers together and distributing the work […]

My 2 Year Review of Liquidweb’s Managed Servers

It’s been exactly 2 years now since I first signed up with Liquidweb for a managed dedicated server, and I’m more than satisfied with the level of service they provide. The package I initially purchased was an entry level webmaster series, but I have since upgraded some of the components of the server. […]

Do You Need a Data Center?

More often than not, the management of infrastructure is more difficult than its use. While servers become critical to the operations of a business, their storage and maintenance deter organizations from owning them. If you own many servers, you need a secure store for them. This store is referred to as data center or server […]

The Good Things about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has received a lot of flak. However, there are many who are adopting the technology. Take, for example, the US government. The government recently issued a RFQ for cloud storage. I was surfing the net on good things about the cloud and came across a piece by Rafe Needleman. The post […]

Is There A Private Cloud, Or Is That Hype?

Ron Schmelzer at Cloud Computing Journal asks if private cloud computing is just some hype or marketing term, then he asks several industry insiders to define the term and offers their responses. The answers range from a company-owned location-independent virtualized service infrastructure to “it’s all hype, ignore it.”
Schmelzer himself offers the term […]