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Managed Hosting Gives You an Edge Over the Competition

The reason people want to outsource management of any kind is because of the peace of mind they get. The deal with the management of the dedicated server is the same. Organizations would like to outsource it and relax, but there are two factors that keep them from going for managed hosting:

Expenses – Organizations worry […]

How Useful is the Semi-Dedicated Server?

Should I go for the semi-dedicated just because I cannot afford a dedicated server? Will it serve the purpose of a fully-dedicated server? What is a semi-dedicated server anyway? Is it better than a virtual private server (VPS)? The term, semi-dedicated server, is a bit ambiguous. Does it mean you have a server that is […]

Why Windows Works as a Server OS

The other day, a computer-illiterate friend called me and said, “My son is getting an operating system for the home computer. And it’s not Windows and it’s free!” I smiled. During our conversation he wondered why the world wanted to pay for something when there was an alternative available for free. So, folks, I ask […]

Why it is Time to Shun Shared Hosting?

If reliability and availability come high in your list of requirements, you cannot continue to live with shared hosting. Even if you think you don’t need more resources than what the shared server offers, there are other reasons why you should shun shared hosting for a different type of hosting.
Imagine living in a house that […]

How Do You Take Care of Your Data Center?

While large organizations understand the need to maintain a data center as their server and hardware requirements increase, the management of the data center remains a concern. And it is imperative that with an increase in the hardware, a business needs to invest in a data center.
While large businesses can still manage to invest […]

When to Move From Shared Hosting to Dedicated Hosting

Shared hosting has its share of benefits, but it is not for you if your business depends on your websites and web applications. You should move to a dedicated server when you realize that your business ambitions surpass what the shared host has to offer. Following are some scenarios that will tell you if you […]

Should You Go For Server Clustering?

Server clustering promises to bring forth the benefits of a united group of servers. It promises to help in areas where single servers cannot. Definitely, there are many benefits of the clustering, with a few limitations. Let’s look at what clustering offers and where it creates problems.
The biggest benefit of server clustering is high availability. […]

What Makes Cloud Computing So Popular?

Some may call cloud computing unpopular, but most find it gaining popularity with the biggest of organizations. What is it that’s making people adopt this technology? The fact that everything is offered as a service promises to make life easier for businesses. How? Let’s find out.
Cloud computing implies a considerable reduction in operational expenses. Moreover, […]

Why Businesses Need the Dedicated Server

Not everybody needs the dedicated server, but businesses need it. If the websites and servers are critical for a business, it cannot do without a dedicated server. Why? Because the shared server doesn’t suffice given the criticality of resources and the growing needs of the business. Let’s look at what a dedicated server offers:

It puts […]

Why Go For Managed Hosting

A dedicated server can bring in all its benefits only if it is managed well. That is the reason one needs to make sure that one can manage it before investing in it. You will obviously want to manage it on your own. But, it may not be a good idea always. First, it requires […]

Virtual Private Server (VPS) as a Honeypot

The one thing that makes the virtual private server (VPS) desirable is its isolated nature. Virtual servers are created by partitioning a physical server logically into multiple sections. Even if you own a number of virtual servers, none interferes with others. Unlike a shared server, a virtual server is not shared with other websites and […]

The New Data Center is Green and Shrinking

Green and shrinking is the description for what the data centers will be like in the near future. Let me explain what these two words imply in the context of the data center.
Green implies an environment-friendly initiative to conserve energy. Here’s how defines a green data center:
(Source) A green data center is a […]

Virtual Private Server Vs the Semi-Dedicated Server

What is the difference between a virtual private server (VPS) and a semi-dedicated server? Are these servers one and the same? Not exactly. Yes, both have been touted as the best stopover between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Personally, I will go for VPS hosting. I may not own the physical server here but I […]

Do You Need to Move to a Dedicated Server?

Shared hosting is not bad but it is just not sufficient. At least, not for those whose businesses depend on their websites and servers. Shared hosting interferes with your growing ambitions as it fails to accommodate them. Why? Let me explain.
If your need for server space increases, you definitely need something better than the shared […]

Server Clustering Offers a Superior Experience

When you have many servers, you would like to reap more benefits than the servers can individually offer you. This is where server clustering comes in. A cluster offers the benefits of the group of servers together. Here’s how.
The cluster of server does away with the limitations of single servers and offers increased reliability and […]

Dedicated Servers Put You in Charge

Dedicated servers are good but do you need them? You do if your business thrives on your websites. You do if the available resources do not suffice. You do if you want to be in charge. A dedicated server is completely dedicated to your needs, letting you be on the web the way you like. […]

How Important is the Data Center?

Often, the condition of your valuables depends on the container they have been kept in. The data center is the container for all your servers, all so precious. Now, if you have many servers, you would like to keep them in a location where you can monitor and take care of them properly.
Having a data […]

Don’t Let the Management of Your Dedicated Server Bother You

Responsibilities, at times, make us afraid and back out. But if you are letting the fear of responsibilities interfere with your business, you are definitely not doing good business. So, if you are delaying getting a dedicated server just because you don’t want to take on the responsibility of taking care of it, I am […]

Cloud Computing is Becoming a Big Deal

And we are not making it so. If you search for news on cloud computing on the Net, you will be surprised at the number of results. The last, we told you in our previous post, is that the technology may get a new name soon, thanks to the displeasure expressed over it by the […]

Cloud Computing to Get a New Name?

When Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?” he did not foresee the technological developments that mankind were to see centuries later and that the game won’t be just about names but also versions. So, amidst all the hoopla over cloud computing, one thing that seems to have struck some of the biggest brains in the […]

Shared Hosting is Not for Businesses, Dedicated Hosting is.

Shared hosting has its advantages. And if you have a website that is purely informative, shared hosting is perfect for you. However, if your business depends on your website in any way, you cannot live with shared hosting for long. An article published in the Hosting News website last week discusses the indirect SEO […]

Is Colocation Any Good?

Colocation hosting is a kind of managed hosting, offering you some peace of mind. If you own a server, you understand the effort that goes into taking care of it. The monitoring, maintenance, management, and optimization of the server can take a toll on you. The server is a big responsibility, and its management requires […]

How Does Server Virtualization Help?

For the uninitiated, virtualization of server refers to the partitioning of a server into a number of logical (virtual) servers. As is obvious, owning virtual servers helps you reduce costs. However, it wasn’t just the cost factor that made server virtualization popular. For the ones who could not afford their own dedicated servers, virtual servers […]

What is a Semi-Dedicated Server?

Dedication may not be fractional in the human world but in the world of servers, there are fully-dedicated servers and semi-dedicated ones. What is a semi-dedicated server? How can it be partially dedicated to your needs?
A semi-dedicated server is something you don’t own. It’s owned by the hosting company, and you have access and control […]

Virtual Private Server (VPS) as a Sandbox

If yours is an expanding business, you may reach a junction when shared hosting does not suffice and dedicated hosting looks too expensive. The best thing to do at this time is to go for VPS hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and as the term suggests, it is a virtual server that’s dedicated […]

Outsource Data Center Management for Peace of Mind

Owning a server brings along responsibilities. And if you own many servers, the responsibilities often become bigger than you can handle. Not only do you need to maintain them and monitor their performance, you also need to ensure that they perform optimally. Typically, an organization with many servers goes for a data center so that […]

Understand Server Clustering Before You Go For It

The advantages of server clustering are many, but ignoring its cons in the light of its pros may not work in your favor. Make sure you understand what server clusters are all about before you cluster yours.
There is no doubt that server clustering offers benefits like high availability, high scalability, easy configuration, easy maintenance and […]

Dedicated Servers Become a Necessity as Your Business Grows

We have told you this before and we will say it again: shared hosting cannot match up to your website ambitions. When you realize that it no longer can fulfill your wishes, you should know that it’s time to invest in the server that is dedicated to your needs. And how do you find out […]

Is Your Website Secure and Certified?

SSL is, to an extent, an obsolete term. There is another acronym doing the rounds in the technological circles. It’s TLS or Transport Layer Security. Before I talk about TLS, let me tell you what SSL is. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol that ensures that the transactions between a browser and your […]