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Why Linux Goes Well With Servers

If you are one of those who put in a lot of research before buying the smallest of things, you are not going for just any operating system for your server. So, how are you going to choose the operating system? Will you go with your past experience or listen to what others have to […]

Server Clustering Benefits

Server clustering came into being to do away with the limitations of single servers. And it promised a lot. It has delivered too. The MSDN library lists the following as the benefits of clustering:

Improved scalability – Server Clustering enables applications to handle more load.
Higher availability – Server Clustering helps applications avoid interruptions in service.
Greater flexibility […]

Why VPS Hosting Works for Businesses

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the ideal stopover between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Businesses that cannot afford a dedicated server but aren’t satisfied with a shared server go for VPS hosting.
The most important reason one wants to move from shared hosting is control. And VPS hosting provides that. It still lets you be […]

Do You Need the Dedicated Server?

Every time someone tells you a dedicated server is good, do you find yourself tempted to move from shared hosting? Is this temptation backed by reasons or is it just the feeling of getting something bigger and better? Well, yes, the dedicated server is definitely far better than the shared server, but you should make […]

Why Colocation Hosting is Good for Businesses

When you realize that it’s time to acquire a dedicated server, the following thoughts come to your minds, most probably, in order: money, management, and maintenance. In almost every post where we mentioned the benefits of the dedicated server, we have said that you must make sure that you will be able to afford not […]

2009 Was the Year of Cloud Computing

The cloud emerged almost two years ago, but 2009 seems to have been the year it got everyone speaking. And this, regardless of most people being confused about cloud computing. Yet, 2009 has been the year when the technology was adopted by bigwigs. In fact, the Federal government too adopted it.
Amidst all the hoopla surrounding […]

Managed Hosting Gives You The Much-Needed Peace Of Mind

Managed hosting or outsourced management of your dedicated server promises to give you peace of mind, the reason why organizations are lapping it up. But, yes, not all organizations are sure if they should go for managed hosting. Now, among other benefits that managed hosting offers, it lets you focus on your core business. Let’s […]

Why Businesses Need the Data Center?

The data center or the server farm is important for any organization that owns a number of servers. What makes it so important? The mere fact that it brings everything at one place? Yes, this and more.
You keep all your servers and hardware at one physical location because it reaps more benefits and provides easy […]

Why the Virtual Private Server is a Good Stopover

There are two primary factors that go in the favor of the virtual private server (VPS). One, it is cheaper than the dedicated server. Two, it is better than the shared server.
So, an organization whose ambitions go beyond what the shared server can provide will look at going for a VPS, especially if it cannot […]

Worried About the Dedicated Server Cost?

The high cost of the dedicated server often deters organizations from investing in the dedicated server. This is one of the reasons we recommend semi-dedicated hosting or VPS hosting to businesses who can’t afford dedicated hosting yet. However, is the dedicated server really expensive? How much does it cost anyway?
The partners of Dedicated Server School […]

Why We Cannot Live With Shared Hosting

Yes, the web world has many depending on shared hosting, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The limitations of shared hosting come up only when businesses are involved. A business that has critical websites being hosted on the shared server cannot live with it for too long. Why? Let me explain.
A shared server […]

Clustering Brings More Than Business Continuity

Unity is strength, so said books in school. More than real life, the maxim seems to make sense in technology, well, not always. But clustering of servers seems to have emerged because of the maxim. Clustering brings the benefits of a group of servers that are united and work together. Thus, clustered servers do away […]

Why Cloud Computing Will Continue to Become Popular

Many people say that the growing discussions around cloud computing is what may seem to be making it popular. I think the reason people are discussing it is because it is becoming more and more popular with large organizations. There are some clear benefits that the cloud fetches for businesses. Let’s have a look.

Cost reductions: […]

How Dedicated Servers Help You

Owning a server is not beneficial just because it puts you in control but because it offers you more resources than a shared server. A dedicated server is important if your websites and servers are critical to your business. Let’s have a look at what makes the dedicated server advantageous.
It offers you greater reliability and […]

cPanel Vs Plesk – Which One You Should Choose

Wondering which control panel to choose with respect to website management? If you ask a cPanel user, you know what the answer will be. The same goes for Plesk or any other control panel. So, getting a non-biased opinion is a bit difficult. Yeah, I have biases too. Not that I don’t like Plesk but […]

Making Your Business Website Secure

Establishing trust is a huge task, both in the real world and the virtual one. You can do good business if you establish that the information that passes your hands will remain secure. You make your goodwill with trust. Now, if you own a business website, you have to assure the people who access it […]

Go For a Semi-Dedicated Server if You Can’t Afford a Dedicated One Yet

Though the dedicated server has many advantages, not every organization can go for it just because it wanted to. The reason is the cost. For an organization that is living with shared hosting, affording a dedicated server is not easy even though it feels the need for one. If you are in the same dilemma, […]

Why You Should Outsource the Management of Your Server

When an organization owns a dedicated server, it knows it has to manage it too. Now, management of the dedicated server is no small task. Not all organizations are equipped to take care of server management on their own. We recommend outsourcing the management when you cannot. I know what bothers many businesses. They wonder […]

Do You Need a Data Center?

When you have too many servers to take care of, what comes first to your mind? Bringing them together and keeping them at a centralized location so that their maintenance and monitoring becomes easier. That is exactly the purpose of the data center, your centralized location for all your hardware. Organizations often wonder if they […]

Business Benefits of VPS Hosting

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) has numerous advantages, making VPS hosting a smart option for organizations looking to move from shared hosting. This is ideal for those who cannot afford dedicated hosting and would like to reap more benefits than shared hosting has to offer. As you know, virtual servers are derived by partitioning a […]

Can Cluster Servers Work For Everyone?

Irrespective of all that server clustering has to offer, it is not for everyone. Its advantages, including high availability and business continuity, may make you run towards employing it in your organization. But it may just not work for you. Here’s why.
You cannot cluster all types of servers. That’s right. Thus, you cannot implement clustering […]

Do You Think It’s Time to Move to Dedicated Hosting?

You may feel the need for dedicated hosting now and then even if you are not ready for it. And the need arises from the simple fact that dedicated hosting has more to offer than shared hosting. So, how do you find out if you are really ready for the dedicated server? Let me share […]

How Do You Choose Your Web Host?

The choice of the hosting company determines how your website will function. And the choice completely depends on what your needs are. If you ever go out looking for a host on the world wide web, you will be amazed at the number of results you will get. More than a couple of tonnes of […]

cPanel is an Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Control Panel

Does the thought of website management give you cold sweats? As a website owner, you are required to perform certain management tasks and the least you can ask for is an easy control panel. cPanel offers just that. Everyone has his/her favourite when it comes to website control panel. Personally, I have found cPanel […]

Server Virtualization for Control and Security

There was a time when virtual meant ‘not real’, but today everything virtual has developed an identity of its own. Virtualization makes sense in a lot of areas. In web hosting too. An organization may not be comfortable at the prospect of acquiring a dedicated server of its own just a yet. And it may […]

Outsource Server Management Without Spending a Fortune

The thought of managed hosting often makes people wonder about the cost. Managed hosting definitely promises to offer you the peace of mind you so long for – the peace of mind to focus on your business and not on the peripherals. Owning a server brings along a lot of responsibilities and it is definitely […]

Cloud Computing is Catching On

Amidst all the hoopla surrounding cloud computing, one thing that is clear is that this technology is not going unnoticed. However, some are of the view that the technology is bringing in a revolution. Carl Bass, President and CEO of Autodesk, has said that cloud computing brings in a technology “shift that happens every 10 […]

How Clustering Helps Organizations

Clustering servers brings the benefits of a group of servers that are united and work together. Thus, you get servers that work as one unit. Cluster servers do away with the problems you face with single servers. Let’s look at all that cluster servers have to offer:
Cluster servers offer a considerable improvement in the performance […]

The Data Center is Important for Growing Organizations

Many organizations wonder if they need to set up a data center in light of the many servers they own. A data center becomes important when yours is a large organization where the number of servers keep increasing. Smaller organizations don’t necessarily need the data center.
What exactly is a data center? It is essentially […]

What Makes the Virtual Private Server (VPS) Special?

The reasons that make the Virtual Private Server (VPS) special are present in its name as qualifiers. The server is virtual, thus hassle-free and secure too. The server is private; you own it and you have got control over it.
Let’s looks closely at how VPS helps organizations. As I just mentioned, it allows you the […]