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Benefits of the Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)

A virtual server is the best stopover if you are looking to move from shared hosting but cannot go for dedicated hosting yet. Both the virtual private server (VPS) and the virtual dedicated server (VDS) are referred to as virtual servers. A VPS is a bit different from a VDS though. The virtual dedicated server […]

Which is a Good Hosting Company?

A good hosting company is one that meets all your hosting needs and offers you a little more. How do you choose your host? Do you perform a search on Google or do you go for one your friend recommends? Irrespective of how you go looking for the host, it is important that you choose […]

What is a Database Server?

The dedicated server offers you the flexibility of configuring it the way you like. You can use a dedicated server as a database server. A database server can be defined as a server dedicated to providing database services. Such a server runs the database software.
A database server can typically be seen in a client-server environment […]

I Need a Dedicated Server! Do You, Really?

Every time you say you need something, do you really need it or do you just want it? I understand you won’t say you need a dedicated server just like that. You will have reasons behind it, but are those reasons enough? Getting a dedicated server is fine, but along with it comes the responsibility […]

Dedicated Server Management

The purchase of the dedicated server brings along the responsibility of managing it. It is not only the cost that dictates if you can afford the dedicated server but also its management. It is recommended that you decide on the management of your dedicated server before you go for it. There are two ways to […]

Dedicated Server FAQs

What is a dedicated server?
A dedicated server is one that is completely dedicated to your websites and applications. For those who are looking for a better definition, I have found one:
(Source) a server dedicated to a single customer. Dedicated servers are appropriate for users that require lots of disk space or data transfer, […]

Can VPS Hosting Replace Dedicated Hosting?

Not everyone who acknowledges the benefits of the dedicated server can afford it. Do you find the cost of the server exceeding your budget? That does not mean you have to live with the limitations of shared hosting. There is a solution. Go for VPS hosting.
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is formed when […]

How to Find Out If You Need a Dedicated Server

You already know that a dedicated server has many benefits. Does that make it extremely essential for you? Do you have to go for it just because others are? Being dedicated to dedicated servers, we believe that an organization should go for a dedicated server only when reason dictates the requirement.
It is important that you […]

Is a Semi-Dedicated Server Dedicated Enough?

‘Semi-dedication’ may appear treacherous in the real world but it makes a lot of sense in the world of servers. For the uninitiated, there is something called the semi-dedicated server. And its name has come from the fact that it is a server you don’t own. In fact, a semi-dedicated server is similar to the […]

How Rackspace Makes the Cloud Real and Useful

I haven’t talked about cloud computing in some time, have I? The hoopla over the cloud has left some people utterly confused. While there is too much information about the cloud, including its advantages as well as disadvantages, not everyone really knows how real the cloud is.
I have come up with a very simple example […]

Different Types of Managed Hosting for Your Dedicated Server

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are asked to go for managed hosting for your server? Most definitely, the cost. For some organizations, it is also a matter of trust. They just can’t trust another organization with their server’s management. They wonder if a service provider can understand their […]

Why We Recommend You Go With Managed Dedicated Hosting

When you go for dedicated hosting, you want to make sure that you reap all the benefits that the dedicated server offers. You need to be able to manage the server well. You may be able to handle the management of your server on your own, but it always helps if you get professionals to […]

cPanel for Your Dedicated Server

When you buy the dedicated server, you want to reap the optimum benefits of it. The most important thing you need for that is efficient management. Even if you cannot manage it in-house, you need not worry. Get professionals to manage your server for you. However, there is one thing that you need, irrespective of […]

How to Buy a Dedicated Server

Do you go looking for a dedicated server because everybody else is, or do you analyze your needs to make the decision? A dedicated server is important for your organization when you have business-critical applications on the server. So, make sure you understand your requirements when you buy your server.
A dedicated service puts you in […]

Looking for a Low Cost Dedicated Server?

Most organizations understand that the dedicated server is important for their web presence and yet there is something that stops them from acquiring the server. Three reasons can explain this:

They have become complacent. They have started living with the limitations of shared hosting.
They think dedicated servers are too complicated to maintain.
They think dedicated servers are […]

Proactive Support is Better than Reactive Support

The maxim, prevention is better than cure, applies not only to health care but also to the technological tools we use everyday. If, instead of reacting to problems and taking action, we could predict and prevent problems, we would be so better off. With respect to servers, managed hosting is perhaps a way to make […]

Perfect Dedicated Server Control Panel

In our posts on dedicated server control panels, we have discussed cPanel and Plesk predominantly. You will come across several other control panels, both established and emerging. How do you choose your server control panel? Which one is the perfect one?
A good server control panel is supposed to make the management of your dedicated or […]

LayeredTech Offers Layered Managed Hosting

You may have heard that has become LayeredTech. was acquired in 2008. What LayeredTech has achieved by bringing together the infrastructure of the companies is high quality hosting. It offers a five-tier structure of managed services.
I have always mentioned that there are different types of managed services to choose from depending on your […] Gets LiquidWeb Enterprise Server Upgrade

Many of you know I’ve enjoyed our 2+ year relationship with LiquidWeb, our dedicated server hosting company. Their customer service has been the best I’ve ever experienced. Having been in the web design / internet marketing field for 12 years, I could probably list at least a dozen web hosting companies I’ve dealt with either […]

How to Run a Dedicated Server

If you are planning to get a dedicated server, you have to make sure you are ready for it. Not just in terms of whether or not you can afford it, but in terms of whether or not you can handle its management. The immediate thing that you need to take care of after you […]

How Do You Monitor Your Server?

When your business thrives on your websites, you need to monitor your hosting server properly. How would you find out if your server has been running and providing the support your websites need? In order to ensure that your websites are always available, you have to monitor them closely and provide timely troubleshooting if you […]

Why You Should Outsource Data Center Management

Dedicated, privately-owned servers bring in several benefits. However, the complexity of server management is something that often deters organizations from investing in them. If you own a bunch of servers, you want them to be organized in a way that they give you maximum benefits. This is where the data center comes in. Some organizations […]

Do Cluster Servers Really Help?

Are clustered servers just a group of servers? Do they really help? What are the business benefits of server clustering? If these questions bother you, you are at the right place. Today’s post will try answering these questions.
Server clustering came into being as a solution to do away with the limitations of individual servers. And […]

How Good is Plesk as a Web Control Panel?

If you are thinking how I can write good things about Plesk when I have always been biased in favor of cPanel, let me tell you that I am never ‘against’ good things. But I am allowed favorites, right? OK, so let’s talk about Plesk.
Plesk or Parallels Plesk Panel is a good server control panel, […]

How the Dedicated Server Benefits Your Business

If yours is a large or growing organization, you need the dedicated server. Let me explain why.
A dedicated server gives you the kind of control and space that a shared server cannot offer. In terms of availability, dedicated servers are great as they offer high availability of applications and the websites hosted on the server.
You […]

When is the Right Time to Move to a Dedicated Server?

The dedicated server is good. Does that mean you have to get it? No, not unless you really need it. How do find out if you do? Who doesn’t want a better server, right? But that does not necessarily mean you need it. So, it is important that you find out if there is a […]

Load Balancer in Server Clustering

A group works better than individuals. And that is why a cluster of servers reaps more benefits than individual servers. So, how does server clustering work? Look at the clustered servers as a team, not just a group. One server takes up the load (of work) when another server cannot.
Now, the term that describes how […]

VPS Hosting is an Ideal Stopover Before You Go For Dedicated Hosting

There are many business owners who know that shared hosting has its limitations, but they make no effort to do anything about it. The reason is the high cost of the dedicated server. The dedicated server may not be costly for large organizations, but for the smaller ones, it definitely is. But you can’t even […]

When You Go Looking for Your Web Host

The choice of your web host defines the way your websites will behave in the World Wide Web. So, you have to keep a lot in mind when you go looking for the web host. And, no, I am not talking about the cost.
Oh well, that should definitely be one of the criteria, but […]

Get Your Dedicated Server Managed by Professionals

The benefits of a dedicated server may tempt you into buying one right away, but are you prepared to handle the challenges and responsibilities it brings along? Your decision to buy a dedicated server should be supported well by your ability to manage it, either by resources or money. The server won’t reap you benefits […]