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What Is A Dedicated Server?

Those who have lived with shared hosting for too long don’t come even close to experiencing dedicated hosting. They get used to the limitations of the shared server and start living with them. The dedicated server becomes important for those organizations whose businesses depend significantly on their servers.
Now, what exactly is a dedicated server? Well, […]

Why Is A Dedicated Server Good?

A dedicated server is dedicated to meeting your needs. This is what makes it good.
It lets you be in control. A dedicated server gives you the kind of control and space that a shared server cannot offer. You can customize your server the way you like. You can install as many applications as you want. […]

Why Shared Hosting Doesn’t Work for Everyone

There is no denying the fact that shared hosting has problems. If you say you have been living with shared hosting for a long time without a problem, I will believe you. However, you may not have had a problem because the shared server was sufficient for your needs. If you own a business for […]

Does Server Clustering Work For You?

The limitations of the single server triggered the need for server clustering. And clustering proved effective in offering a better experience to organizations. It ensured high availability of applications, minimized downtimes, and made recoveries faster. Server clustering offered business continuity like no other. In spite of all its benefits, cluster servers are not commonplace.
Are […]

Why Cloud Computing Works For Us

By ‘us’, I mean our businesses. What is the first thing you look at when deploying a new technology into your business? Money. This can be in the form of cost-cuts, profits, or better image/performance leading to more money.
Business is about money and rightly so. The reason cloud computing is becoming popular with businesses is […]

How Much Does a Dedicated Server Cost?

Want a dedicated server but concerned about its cost? Well, you are not alone. While the benefits of a dedicated server lure many organizations, the perceived high cost and complex management deter them from getting one. In fact, the cost is one of the main reasons we recommend stopover solutions like the semi-dedicated server or […]

Why Businesses Need A Dedicated Server

A business is forever growing. Living with limited resources is never ideal for a business. So, if your server and web applications are critical for your organization’s business, you have got to move from a shared server to a dedicated server.
A dedicated server is dedicated to your needs. It offers you greater reliability and high […]

Why the Virtual Server Makes Sense

I have always maintained that the virtual server is the ideal stopover for organizations who want to move from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. What makes it good? Let’s find out.
The virtual server makes you the boss. You don’t have any control over things in shared hosting. Virtual hosting, on the other hand, lets you […]

The Importance of Managed Hosting

It’s strange to find out how some organizations look at managed hosting. Outsourcing the management of a server is considered strange because you are asking someone else to take care of something that you own. Then there is the amount of money involved. Let me first tell you why the money part should not bother […]

Features and Benefits of Plesk

I like cPanel. But I cannot deny that there are some other very good web control panels around. Take, for example, Parallels Plesk Panel. The arguments over which is better – cPanel or Plesk – are similar to the debate between Windows and Linux. However, the advocates of these control panels never have a face-off.  If […]

When Windows Becomes a Must for Your Server

Computer education, for most people, begins with a hands-on of Windows and MS Office. More often than not, people don’t know about other operating systems for long; some never know. So when it comes to choosing the operating system for their dedicated servers, people tend to go with what they are already familiar with: Windows.
But […]

How to Get a Dedicated Server

So, you want a dedicated server? Are you sure you are ready for it? Read an earlier post – Do You Need the Dedicated Server? – to find out if you really need one.
A dedicated server is important for your organization when you have business-critical applications on the […]

Is cPanel Dedicated Server Any Good?

cPanel server is that dedicated server that uses the cPanel control panel for website management. Among all the web control panels, cPanel is the most popular one.
As an owner of websites running on your web server, you are required to perform certain management tasks. A control panel makes life easier for you by letting you […]

Does Everybody Need the Dedicated Server?

No actually. Why? Isn’t a dedicated server real good? Yes, it is. Then? Just because something is good does not mean you need it. Yeah, the dedicated server makes sense only if you really need it. How do you find out if you do? Answer the following questions, and you will know.

Do you own a […]

Do You Have a Data Center?

You have got your dedicated server. Now, life is going to be simple. Not quite. In order to reap all the promised benefits of the server, you need to take care of it. And taking care of the server is not that easy. ‘Taking care’ essentially means maintaining it, monitoring it, providing troubleshooting in time, […]

Why Linux Dedicated Server Works

How do you choose the operating system for your dedicated server? By your experience or by others’ experience? When it comes to the server operating system, your prior experience may not work well if it is not related to a server. In fact, others’ experience may not also work, especially if your needs are different […]

Benefits of Colocation Hosting

Some people I know freak out the moment you mention ‘managed hosting’ to them. Reason? The perceived high cost of outsourcing your server’s management. Well, the truth is that the benefits of managed hosting far outweigh the money invested in it. Still, not many organizations are game for it. And yet, none of them are […]

What Server Clustering Offers

A group is always stronger than individuals. The same is true in the world of servers. A group of servers combined by a design can offer benefits individual servers cannot. For starters, cluster servers offer increased reliability and high availability.
Cluster servers are capable of recovering from any kind of failure fast. They can recover from […]

How to Manage a Dedicated Server

Once you get a dedicated server you have to worry about a lot of things like its location, maintenance, security, performance monitoring, and optimization. Managing the server is not an easy task. So, how do you manage it?
If you ask me, I would recommend going for professional management. Outsourcing your server’s management promises to […]

Why the Virtual Server is Recommended

I have come across organizations who rule out virtual private server (VPS) or the virtual dedicated server (VDS) because they think it is an extension of shared hosting. While it is true that a virtual server is not a dedicated server, living with the limitations of shared hosting is not wise, especially when you realize […]

What Kind of Server Management Are You Going For?

When you go for managed hosting, you want a hosting company who can take care of your server like it is theirs. You are not just looking at professional services but an understanding of what your needs are. Choosing a hosting company that meets all your needs and provides quality service is not an easy […]

Why You Should Acquire a Dedicated Server

If your ambitions about your web presence are increasing, you cannot live with sharing resources with hundreds of others. You have got to buy a dedicated server.
Dedicated server hosting puts you in charge of all matters related to hosting your website. You can use as much bandwidth and disk space as you need without sharing […]

What Does the Managed Dedicated Server Give You?

The managed dedicated server gives you peace of mind. And that’s obvious since the management of your server does not remain your headache. A hosting company takes care of all aspects of your server’s management and lets you focus on your core business. Let’s look at how the managed dedicated server helps you.
It all begins […]

Why You Need a Windows Dedicated Server

Linux lovers will tell you that the Windows dedicated server is of no use. While a Linux server has its advantages, it may not work for you if your needs are different. There is one main reason you need a Windows server: you need to use Microsoft services. Yes, the Windows server works for you […]

Benefits of a Semi-Dedicated Server

The reason you go for a dedicated server is because you need more bandwidth, disk space, and control. Shared hosting offers you limited resources and no control. However, the jump from shared hosting to dedicated hosting is a big one and not many organizations can make it. Virtual Private Server (VPS) and semi-dedicated server act […]

How Are You Getting Your Dedicated Server Managed?

If you want to get all the benefits of a dedicated server, you have got to manage it right. And the management of the server is a big deal. Many organizations don’t buy the dedicated server because of the complexity of its management. Well, the easiest way to reap the benefits of the server is […]

Why the Cloud is Good for Businesses

2009 was so much about cloud computing. 2010 may well be the year that sees a lot of high-profile cloud computing. What is it that pulls businesses to cloud computing? Well, it all begins with reduction of costs. Yes, the cloud helps you cut down costs. Your operational expenses are reduced significantly. With cloud computing, […]