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Shared or Dedicated Hosting – The Final Answer

Entrepreneurs often face the decision between shared and dedicated hosting. Of course, VPS hosting also plays a factor, but that’s for a different post. Both shared and dedicated hosting serve purposes, but which one is right for you?
There are some specific guidelines you should follow when choosing the right type of hosting for your needs. […]

Essential vs. Wildcard vs. EV SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are an important part of online business. They bind small digital files with a cryptographic key to ensure safety during online transactions. After they have been installed on a server, they will activate a padlock, which will show up in the browser. This allows for a secure connection between the browser and the […]

Is it Time for a Dedicated Server?

You started with a shared hosting account years ago and have since graduated to VPS hosting. Maybe you’ve even gone through a few levels of VPS hosting and you think it’s time for a dedicated server.
Making the jump from shared, cloud or VPS hosting to a dedicated server isn’t always easy. It requires the […]