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Why has cloud computing missed the hosting world?

While there are a few cloud hosting providers, adoption on this type of computing by hosting providers has been very slow. Being quite familiar with the hosting space, I can still only name a couple of providers that have introduced a thorough cloud computing concept. Lack of an eager market is certainly not […]

SingleHop’s Tandem Program Changes the SSL Industry

For web hosting companies who resell dedicated servers, SingleHop’s new Tandem program offers a benefit that can’t be found anywhere else among reseller hosting programs:  free SSL certificates.  The new offer will have significant impact on the SSL certificate industry’s structure and distribution channels.
By offering free SSL certs to their reseller hosting clients, SingleHop […]

Should I pick the cheapest dedicated server provider or go somewhere in the middle?

Is the dedicated server market in a price war?  The market has been rife with low, low offers on cheap dedicated servers, including some as low as $30/month.  But the revolutionary pricing raises more than a few questions:  are the offers legitimate?  Is the savings worth it in the long run?
Choosing your dedicated server […]

Data Center Tour Series: SingleHop

SingleHop is a unique dedicated server provider in that they offer different levels of server management. The SingleHop data centers are located in Chicago, IL, and they currently operate two facilities which are leased (see their recent blog post).
Main Chicago Data Center (DC1)
The main SingleHop data center houses over 2,000 dedicated servers for […]