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The Mobile Web is the Future – What You Need To Do Now

Working on a product like goMobi, naturally I follow mobile conferences pretty closely and one thing seems certain: the “native apps versus mobile web” debate is a thing of the past. Both Facebook and Twitter recently revealed that mobile web vastly outweighs access from native apps. As the pendulum swings […]

What SMB Needs From a Mobile Web Solution

It’s official. We’re in a post desktop world. With many of the internet giants including Facebook and Twitter recently releasing figures pointing to the staggering amount of traffic coming through mobile devices, it’s safe to say the future is here. Soon the world will be predominantly browsing on non-desktop devices, be they tablets, […]

Web Hosting Hub – an Alternative for Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a tough choice these days. There are so many companies who offer it, and you really never know what you’re going to get until you get into it. A recent decision for me to try out a Godaddy shared hosting account for a website proved an incredible waste of time and money. […]

4 Elements to Consider in a Dedicated Hosting Review

Many experts and customers will highly recommend that you read consumer reviews when looking for a dedicated server plan.  While every hosting website shines in its marketing prose, only through consumer experiences can you determine if the host lives up to its glorious claims.  A detailed review will provide you with comprehensive details on four […]

Sometimes, Cheap Servers Work

I was browsing around today and stumbled upon Gigenet’s “Bargain Basement” section. I was pretty impressed with what I saw- 2.2GHz Athlons with 2GB of RAM starting around 99$ per month, with around 2000 GB of bandwidth. I’m not sure how managed the servers are- Gigenet claims something called “Pinnacle Support”, and they […]