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Domain Names at Half Off

Manchester, UK – Following the age old tradition of January Sales in the United Kingdom, domain name registrar and website hosting company is offering domain names at just 50 percent of the regular retail price for a limited time. As is customary on the High Street during […]

SingleHop’s Tandem Program Changes the SSL Industry

For web hosting companies who resell dedicated servers, SingleHop’s new Tandem program offers a benefit that can’t be found anywhere else among reseller hosting programs:  free SSL certificates.  The new offer will have significant impact on the SSL certificate industry’s structure and distribution channels.
By offering free SSL certs to their reseller hosting clients, SingleHop […]

Rackspace Hosts Green Day to Support Eco Friendly Hosting

According to the Rackspace Blog, today is their annual “green day” with the purpose on educating employees and community on newer and more environmentally friendly technologies available in the hosting industry. As evidence of their recent work, Rackspace was certified “LEED Gold” by the US Green Building Council’s Certification Program (Leadership in Energy and […]

Liquidweb Offers Microsoft Exchange 2007 Managed Dedicated Servers

Liquidweb, a company well-known for some of the best server management in the business, is offering Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 managed servers. If you’re a large corporation that needs a centralized server for managing email and calenders, MS Exchange is the way to go. Here are a few of the advantages of Exchange […]

Dedicated Server School Partners with LiquidWeb for SSD Servers

Dedicated Server School ( is partnered with LiquidWeb who is one of the few managed hosting providers currently offering SSD servers.
Jun 01, 2009 – Dedicated Server School is committed to teaching the public about dedicated servers and the latest in server technology and its premier partner provider, LiquidWeb, is committed to excellence in managed […]

Web Hosting Day 2009- Celebrate Your Server!

As usual, I was browsing around the Internet and I stumbled across the fact that WebHostingDay 2009 was just held in Germany- it started on Wednesday and ended on Friday. I suppose the title of this post is a little bit of a misnomer- it’s not so much a day to celebrate your server but […]

Stopping Phishers And Recovering From Server Breaches

I was goofing around Google and I stumbled upon an article from Monday concerning the “Anti-Phishing Working Group” (APWG for short). The organization is dedicated to stopping phishing attacks and reporting them in a concerted effort to reduce phishing effectiveness and prevalence. They have the usual phishing tips for consumers on how not […]