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Overcoming the Most Common Web Hosting Challenges

Hosting comes with challenges, just like anything else. Whether you’re working on your first website or your hundredth, there may be certain challenges you have to deal with. Some of the issues could come from the hosting company you choose, while others may just be part of hosting a website.
Getting stuck with a bad hosting […]

Restricting Shared Hosting Accounts

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where multiple users share the same server. If you have a dedicated server, you might offer shared hosting accounts to your users who need hosting accounts with their own domains but are not ready for a VPS or dedicated server of their own.
Because shared hosting users have […]

How to Remove Trojan.JS.Redirector.cq from Your WordPress Site

I had seen a post on Twitter about a bunch of MediaTemple accounts getting infected with this virus a few days ago, and it’s no surprise that the host hasn’t done anything about it yet. When I went to a client’s website during a call, Kaspersky caught the malicious code right away. Having a […]

Web Hosting Hub – an Alternative for Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a tough choice these days. There are so many companies who offer it, and you really never know what you’re going to get until you get into it. A recent decision for me to try out a Godaddy shared hosting account for a website proved an incredible waste of time and money. […]

MediaTemple Alternatives

Through looking at our incoming traffic, I recently noticed a large amount of visitors coming to after Googling “Mediatemple Alternatives.” Apparently one of our older posts about how bad Mediatemple’s gridserver is was ranking near the top, and also apparent was the large number of searchers who seem to be looking for an […]

Shared Hosting is Not for Your Business

If you have a business that has any dependence on your web presence, you cannot go on with shared hosting for too long. Why? Well, for starters, you don’t have control over the server. It’s not yours; you don’t own it. You cannot configure it the way you like. You have to depend on the […]

Don’t Live With Shared Hosting if You’re Doing Business Online

Once you get used to something, it becomes very difficult to break away from it and adopt something new. Organizations that have been using shared hosting for long are reluctant to even try a new kind of hosting, even if they face problems in the shared form of hosting.
I know many of you would say […]

Why Shared Hosting Doesn’t Work for Everyone

There is no denying the fact that shared hosting has problems. If you say you have been living with shared hosting for a long time without a problem, I will believe you. However, you may not have had a problem because the shared server was sufficient for your needs. If you own a business for […]

Why We Cannot Live With Shared Hosting

Yes, the web world has many depending on shared hosting, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The limitations of shared hosting come up only when businesses are involved. A business that has critical websites being hosted on the shared server cannot live with it for too long. Why? Let me explain.
A shared server […]

Why it is Time to Shun Shared Hosting?

If reliability and availability come high in your list of requirements, you cannot continue to live with shared hosting. Even if you think you don’t need more resources than what the shared server offers, there are other reasons why you should shun shared hosting for a different type of hosting.
Imagine living in a house that […]

Shared Hosting is Not for Businesses, Dedicated Hosting is.

Shared hosting has its advantages. And if you have a website that is purely informative, shared hosting is perfect for you. However, if your business depends on your website in any way, you cannot live with shared hosting for long. An article published in the Hosting News website last week discusses the indirect SEO […]

The Problems With Shared Hosting

OK, before you go all berserk denying there are any problems with shared hosting, let me tell you that I agree that shared hosting is the most popular web hosting method now. But that does not mean that it’s flawless. Of course, it is not. The biggest reason it is popular is because it is […]

3 Reasons it is Time to Move on from Shared Hosting

Let me begin by telling you that shared hosting is not bad. But it is definitely not for everyone, especially for businesses that thrive on network applications. If you have been with a shared host for long, it may be time for you to revisit your needs and figure out if you should stick to […]

Can Shared Hosting Handle Your Expanding Business?

You may think that anything that comes out on this blog cannot be in appreciation of shared hosting. Let me tell you that when we ask you to move on from a shared server, it is because we understand that shared hosting cannot accommodate your ambitions. There is nothing wrong with shared hosting, but it […]

Shared Hosting Cannot Satisfy Everyone

A friend asked why we criticize shared hosting so much when most of the websites use this hosting service. I retorted with “Does popularity necessarily mean quality?” He smiled and asked if I don’t have any proper arguments. This conversation got me thinking if I wasn’t making my thoughts clear on shared hosting. Yes, shared […]

How Shared Hosting Affects Your Identity

In an earlier post, we had discussed the limitations of shared hosting. There is another thing that is not typically listed as a limitation but may cause severe problems to websites. It is the common identity bestowed upon by shared hosting to all websites on a server.
A server is typically identified by an […]

Shared Hosting Can’t Accommodate Website Ambitions

What is wrong with shared hosting? Nothing, a lot of people will say. It is true shared hosting will not trouble you unless you have higher ambitions with respect to your website(s). In one of our earlier posts we had discussed when you should move from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting.
No, we […]

Why Shared Hosting May Not Last in the Future

Who would not want a server completely dedicated to one’s needs? However, shared or virtual hosting still remains popular. The biggest edge shared hosting has over other hosting schemes is its low cost. Experts, however, believe that shared hosting will not last too long in the future. Let us find out why.
Websites have, so far, […]

The Limitations of Shared Hosting

While no one denies how great the dedicated server hosting is, some large businesses have stuck to shared hosting. Why? This happens mainly because of a sense of inertia and the failure to analyze the flaws of shared hosting. Let us look at the reasons why businesses should switch from the shared system to dedicated server […]

Is Shared Hosting Enough For You?

Dedicated hosting isn’t for everyone. You could benefit from shared hosting and never need anything more. How do you know? What’s the best way to tell if shared hosting is for you?
Here are some tips to consider before deciding to move up to dedicated hosting. You might just as well stay with the shared hosting […]

Why You Should Stay Away From Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular kind of hosting for one reason: It’s cheap. I’ve seen plans that go for as low as $1.99 per month, but most cost a couple of dollars more than that. Oh yeah, that’s cheap.
While you’ll pay a bit more for dedicated hosting, it’s well worth a look to go […]

The Growing Prevalence of On-Demand Computing

Businesses that require access to server resources on an as-needed basis can benefit tremendously from on-demand computing.  An increasingly popular option, this model can help organizations save money on software licenses, hardware and many other costly aspects.

Weighing the Benefits

Leveraging an on-demand model can dramatically reduce licensing fees when the applications are deployed in a […]

New Hub Page: Managed Dedicated Servers vs. Shared Hosting

While there are many ways to get your website online, hosting it on a managed, dedicated server has some distinct advantages that aren’t usually possible with cheaper shared hosting accounts.
Total Control Over the Server Environment
With a managed dedicated server, you have complete control over the server environment. This allows you to change any configuration settings […]

The Truth About Shared Hosting

There are many types of website hosting options, and shared hosting is the most common of them all.  Shared hosting is a service where the provider hosts websites for multiple customers on a single machine.  Each customer has their own internet domain name, but is forced to share many vital components.  This includes a web […]

Media Temple: Quite Possibly the Worst Web Host You Can Get for Free

After my last post about Media Temple admitting to the failures of their grid system, I got a response from their sales department who promised things would get better, and they gave me 3 months of free hosting on the Grid. I’m still too tired of switching shared hosting accounts to move the few […]

Media Temple Admits to Grid Service Failures, Mistakes

Media Temple is a popular hosting company who has been using very slick marketing for the past two years to sell their popular Grid Service. If you had a look at their website, and read the write ups about the Grid, they make it seem like you are getting extreme dedicated server power for a shared hosting […]

The Pitfalls of Free Shared Hosting

I guess this kind of follows from my last post, but it’s one worthy of discussion and a subject I should have addressed in my post on shared hosting services. I’m sure everyone’s heard of the free shared hosting services floating around the web, and there are a myriad of opinions regarding their advantages and […]

Starter Server Series Part 2: Shared Hosting. Is It For Me?

Dedicated servers are very attractive, and for good reason: who doesn’t want their own private server somewhere with all the hardware and software issues managed for them? All that space, bandwidth, and computing power sounds good when you’re looking for ways to spread your ideas or business to the world. There is, however, one considerable […]