3 Great Uses for Quick-Deploying Virtual Cloud Servers

The very nature of a dedicated server is that it is dedicated. The very name suggests a long term marriage. But what should you do if you just want a brief affair, maybe even a fling? Quick, easy to deploy virtual cloud servers may be the way to go.

Virtualization allows for rapid deployment of virtual servers. Couple that with the low-cost, pay as you go model offered by some cloud providers, and you have a recipe for quick-deploying virtual cloud servers. The following are three examples of ways you can use this technology:

  1. Development – As you develop new applications or customize old ones, you need a testbed for your innovations. Using virtual cloud servers, you can easily deploy a replica of your production environment, test it, and then tear it down when you are finished.
  2. Application-specific OS – Some applications may require a specific operating system and/or a specific configuration for it. With a virtual cloud server, you setup exactly what you need rather painlessly without making changes to your dedicated server.
  3. Backup/redundancy – If you need a backup or replica of your production system, an offsite cloud installation may be ideal. Because most virtual cloud providers will offer hourly or per-GB rates on services, you only have to pay for what you use.

Combining virtualization and cloud computing can make your server experience more efficient and easier.