5 Reasons Cloud Computing Rocks

Cloud computing is one technology that doesn’t cease to trigger debates everywhere you go. While some of such debates are intelligent, others are downright dumb. Yeah, the Cloud has both its benefits and limitations. Businesses the world over are leaping up to the benefits cloud computing has to offer. Let me share with you five reasons that make it good for businesses.

  • Expense reduction: Cloud computing reduces operational expenses. This technology also lets you pay only for what you use, saving you a lot of money.
  • Easy and fast installation: Cloud computing does not ask you to acquire additional hardware or software. Installation, therefore, is easy and quick. Since the implementation takes place remotely, the installation is a cost-effective affair.
  • Automation: Cloud computing provides automation, giving businesses peace of mind. You don’t need to set up teams to take care of tasks such as back-ups and system updates.
  • Time saver: Since the set-up is fast, businesses save precious time in getting started. Cloud computing also makes recoveries fast. With the Cloud, businesses don’t lose any unnecessary time.
  • Focus on core business: With cloud computing providing automation and taking care of several of your business needs, you can release internal resources for priority work. You get to focus on your core business rather than looking at handling the technology.

Security is the biggest concern with cloud computing but we believe that the Cloud has been existent in the technological world for a while with other names and we haven’t had many problems. We will definitely see a more secure approach to cloud computing in the near future.