Build an Open Source Private or Hybrid Cloud with Eucalyptus

Building your own private or hybrid cloud sounds rather difficult, but with the right solution, you can create a stable AWS-compatible cloud and have user-friendly tools to manage it. Eucalyptus is one such solution. It is a free and open source cloud platform that follows industry standards to deliver an AWS-compatible cloud solution.

Eucalyptus works by leveraging the power of hardware and software you already have: (Linux or Windows operating systems, virtualization technology such as VMware’s ESX, Linux KVM, XEN, and more) and providing a high-availability (HA) infrastructure as a service (IaaS) system.

You can build a Eucalyptus cloud on current infrastructure and build hybrid clouds that operate both on your on-premise hardware and on AWS public clouds. Features include dynamic scalability, resource control, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, hybrid capability, and workload portability.

Eucalyptus is available as a commercial product with support from Eucalyptus Systems, Inc., and as an open source project, it is also available for free download, modification, and redistribution under a free software license. You can check out the source code from GitHub. You can also try the software with community support before deciding to purchase commercial support.

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