Cloud Computing and SaaS

Talking about the Cloud is fashionable. If you haven’t heard about cloud computing, you are not cool enough. It’s a different matter altogether that not all people talking about it understand it well. There’s one area that makes even the advocates of cloud computing confused. It is the Cloud’s comparison to SaaS.

Now, cloud computing, as we have told you earlier, is an on-demand way of providing services. SaaS is an acronym for Software as a Service. Now, the comparison between cloud computing and SaaS originated from the fact that software services are offered on the cloud platform. Many hosting and software companies use the terms interchangeably but the truth is that the terms are not one and the same.

Ron Miller, in a blog entry on DaniWeb, analyzes the similarities and differences between the two terms and concludes that the concepts, though related, are different. Here’s what he has to say:

The two terms are different and SaaS to a great extent is a subservice of cloud computing. Not all cloud applications are SaaS applications, but essentially all SaaS applications are in the cloud, and the cloud is strictly providing the computing power to run those applications, regardless of the type.

Click here to read the blog entry.

I came across a very nice article on RightScale on what cloud computing really is. The author explains how cloud computing works at three levels: application, platforms, and infrastructure. These levels make all kinds of computing look similar to cloud computing. Click here to read the article.

Though still a new concept, cloud computing is being touted as revolutionary. I guess this is because it makes several concepts converge in order to deliver easy, on-the-go service.

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