Cloud Computing is Becoming a Big Deal

And we are not making it so. If you search for news on cloud computing on the Net, you will be surprised at the number of results. The last, we told you in our previous post, is that the technology may get a new name soon, thanks to the displeasure expressed over it by the likes of the CEOs of IBM and HP. The latest news, or rather, prediction is that the technology will be among the top ten in the coming year.

inCode Telecom has released a list (opens a .pdf file) of the top ten telecom predictions for North America, and cloud computing has a prominent place in it. The seventh place’s heading reads ‘Looking at Clouds from Both Sides Now’. The points under this heading read as follows:

  • Cloud computing becomes major carrier applications strategy
  • For Carriers, cloud computing places increased value and “stickiness” in the network
  • Challenges of response time and coverage will impact utility
  • Network security and vulnerability also become prominent
  • Device suppliers will not want to be relegated to “dumb terminal” status setting up a classic technology battle

While it is not clear if cloud computing will have a considerable share in the technological world, we can conclude that the technology will be looked into more in the coming year.

Many are already using the Cloud for their personal work on the web. Take for example, Gmail. Apart from a few exceptions, the Cloud has not been accepted at an organizational level. However, given its potential and many discussions on it, it might soon be a much-in-demand technology. Of course, we will keep you posted.