Cloud Computing is Catching On

Amidst all the hoopla surrounding cloud computing, one thing that is clear is that this technology is not going unnoticed. However, some are of the view that the technology is bringing in a revolution. Carl Bass, President and CEO of Autodesk, has said that cloud computing brings in a technology “shift that happens every 10 to 12 years.” That is definitely huge, isn’t it?

So what makes the likes of Carl Bass see some kind of a promise in cloud computing while there are others who are crying foul? The technology promises to make life easier for businesses. And it starts with making a significant impact in operational expenses. Businesses need to pay only for what they use, thereby helping them reduce expenses significantly.

Unlike most emerging technologies, the cloud is easier to implement. Installation is not only fast and easy but also cost-effective. This is possible because you don’t need to acquire any additional hardware or software and the implementation is done remotely.

One of the most significant features of cloud computing is automation. This helps free up internal resources assigned to tasks such as updates and back-ups. Organizations can focus on their core business rather than on the technology supporting it.

Another significant benefit that cloud computing offers is mobility to businesses. It lets employees work from anywhere. Business continuity is also supported by the technology that supports fast recoveries.

The support for the technology is growing. The coming year may tell us how exactly cloud computing is going to impact our lives.