Cloud Computing is Going Great Guns

An article published in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal discusses the growth of cloud computing in the times when the rest of information technology saw a decline. The article says:

In recent years, companies spent on cloud computing, or the delivery of services through the Internet, and virtualization, a technique that cuts down on the number of servers handling corporate data, as a way to ultimately save money.

Cloud services had a stellar year, with revenue on pace to exceed $56 billion this year, an increase of 21% from a year ago, according to Gartner. That is in light of a broader decline of more than 5% for the IT industry. The cloud market is expected to reach $150.1 billion by 2013.

You can imagine the impact cloud computing has on the technological industry. And our federal government has made sure that it pays due importance to the cloud. Here’s what the government’s budget charter says:

Of the investments that will involve up-front costs to be recouped in outyear savings, cloud-computing is a prime case in point. The Federal Government will transform its Information Technology Infrastructure by virtualizing data centers, consolidating data centers and operations, and ultimately adopting a cloud-computing business model.

One wonders if the critics of the technology will take note of the trends. The cloud may have arrived with hype but it has offered several business benefits, promising a better experience for organizations in the future. What is your take on the cloud? Let us know.

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