Cloud Computing is Making Waves

Love it, hate it, but you cannot ignore it. That’s the story of cloud computing these days. While some discard cloud computing calling it a trap (We are obsessed with Richard Stallman, aren’t we?), there are others who think the concept is set to revolutionize the web world. And the latter believe in cloud computing so much that a summit is being dedicated to the concept. The summit is said to address all the fears that surround cloud computing and focus on the high points of the concept that make it a sure-shot winner in the future.

The Business Cloud Summit will be held in London on December 2, 2009. The event is being organized by Sift Media. This is what Sift Media has to say about cloud computing:

There are compelling reasons why Cloud Computing is so relevant to all organisations. It’s particularly well suited to the current economic downturn, when cost pressures on IT departments are intensifying. The Cloud offers attractive cost benefits, low total cost of ownership and quantifiable ROI. It promises scalability, agility and responsiveness to changing business requirements as never seen before. And it provides opportunities for CIOs and their teams to shift away from the more mundane aspects of their jobs and enables them to focus on innovative value-add activities that contribute to the corporate bottom line.

Click here to check the website of the summit.

An article, written by Renu Singh on the ITVoir website, gives examples of companies adopting the cloud technology. The examples include the likes of IBM and Click here to read the article.

If large organizations show the business benefits that cloud computing can reap, the concept will definitely have many takers in the future.

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