Cloud Computing to Get a New Name?

When Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?” he did not foresee the technological developments that mankind were to see centuries later and that the game won’t be just about names but also versions. So, amidst all the hoopla over cloud computing, one thing that seems to have struck some of the biggest brains in the industry is the absurdity of the name of the technology. Cloud computing is not a proper term, they feel. Among the ones not happy with the term ‘cloud computing’ are IBM CEO Sam Palmisano and HP CEO Mark Hurd who voiced their displeasure over the name in clear terms.

An article published in Information Week yesterday, written by Bob Evans, is a take on the possible alternatives. In a good-humored vein, Bob promises a prize of $100 million – from his unsuspecting editor’s wallet, er, bank account – to whomever comes up with a proper name for cloud computing. He even lists a few names his readers have sent him some sensible, some nerdy, and some extremely lousy.

Wonder what the industry stalwarts would like to call the technology. Would it be another on-your-face acronym, or will it be a more sensible and simple term? What would you like to call it? Many complain that the term cloud computing leaves them confused. And if you try looking for a definition of the term, you will realize that there isn’t a standard definition available on the Net. Will a new term bring in a simplified definition as well? We will have to watch. If you have some ideas, send them to us. Even if we can’t implement them, we can discuss them and have fun! What say?