How Good or Bad is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has triggered many debates across the globe on its usefulness. So, how good or bad is it? A story that came out on IT Brief yesterday said that IDC’s research on cloud computing concludes that it is suitable for everyone. The story goes on to say that it doesn’t suit everyone though. Yes, you read it right! So, what do these contradicting statements suggest? IDC has found out that the concept is “suitable for organizations of all sizes” but it does not suit the ones that have “mission critical or commercially sensitive data”. This is obvious given that no business would like to lose control of critical data.

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I came across another interesting piece on cloud computing yesterday. In David Linthicum’s first post in InfoWorld on the subject, he gives an insight into the world of cloud computing by busting the myths surrounding it. He looks at the following three myths:

  • It is a throwback to the traditional timesharing model.
  • It is always cheaper.
  • It is unsecure.

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Cloud computing is an economical solution for those looking at business agility within limited resources. In one of our earlier posts, we had covered the reasons to embrace cloud computing. The on-demand, self-service model and the virtualization concept make cloud computing lucrative.

With people like Richard Stallman ridiculing the concept, the number of critics is bound to increase. However, it is important that one understands each criticism before adopting cloud computing or ruling it out.

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