How Rackspace Makes the Cloud Real and Useful

I haven’t talked about cloud computing in some time, have I? The hoopla over the cloud has left some people utterly confused. While there is too much information about the cloud, including its advantages as well as disadvantages, not everyone really knows how real the cloud is.

I have come up with a very simple example of the cloud, something a lot of people have experienced without actually thinking about it. I am talking about e-mails on the cloud. Some organizations use Rackspace e-mail hosting for official e-mails. Employees can access their mails from anywhere in the world. Rackspace e-mail is a cloud computing application.

Rackspace has two other useful applications on the cloud: file sharing and backup. The company offers four e-mail hosting products, two file sharing products and one server backup product.

One of the biggest advantages of the cloud is reduced expenses. Rackspace’s applications will not only save you money but also provide you the much-needed peaceful, fuss-free experience. The company claims to be serving more than 40,000 cloud customers, a feat in no small means.

With respect to the cloud, (Rackspace lives by the following values:

  • We believe the cloud should be easy. And open.
  • “As a service” should come with service
  • We stand for developers
  • Transparency matters

Now, these values make sense, don’t they? The company has a website dedicated to their commitment to the cloud. has all the information you need to understand the company’s work in cloud hosting.

Have you used Rackspace’s applications? Do share your experience with us.