Is Hybrid Hosting a Sensible Way to Adopt the Cloud?

The world is getting serious about the cloud. And I am not the only one saying that. I came across a very detailed article on cloud hosting in an online IT magazine, Express Computer. The article titled ‘Getting serious about the Cloud’ looks into how organizations are adopting cloud computing fully aware of its limitations and, of course, benefits. Addressing the security concerns, the article mentions how certain Indian companies are going for a hybrid model of hosting. Here’s what the author, Manjari Juneja says:

(Source) For any large enterprise, the transition to the cloud is a major decision. Concerns like data control, management, accessibility and security hold large enterprises back from switching to the cloud. SMBs tend to worry a lot about the initial investment and the TCO. They have fewer concerns over compliance and data security issues. That’s the reason why large companies in India are going for a hybrid model. Industries such as telecom, banking, oil and gas, are more open to cloud computing.

Now, I wonder if the companies in the rest of the world will also go for hybrid hosting in order to fight the security concerns in cloud hosting. A lot of businesses love the cloud but they wouldn’t risk going for a technology that still has loopholes. Is hybrid hosting a solution? Is it the right way to adopt the cloud till the cloud becomes fool-proof?

Keep watching this space for news and views on web hosting. We’ll discuss hybrid hosting in this blog soon.

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