Is Richard Stallman Right About Cloud Computing?

I entered “cloud computing” and “Richard Stallman” in Google and in little more than a quarter of a second, I got a whopping 196 thousand results! That’s the reaction Stallman’s opinion on cloud computing had. Last September, Stallman, founder of Free Software Foundation (FSF) and creator of the GNU operating system, criticized cloud computing and called it stupid. He went on to say that it was a trap. While a section of the technological world just reported his opinions, another section analyzed them and the rest vehemently criticized them.

So, how right or wrong is Stallman? He is all in favor of free software but not when it comes to free software on the web. Stallman does not agree with the concept. He thinks that web-based software is not actually free as it makes the user dependent on others for controlling it. Larry Borsato, in his reaction to Stallman’s criticism of cloud computing, says that it is Stallman’s perception of the dependent user that makes him a skeptic.

The advantage of cloud computing lies in improving the performance of your system as your data is stored in a virtual location, not eating up the space and resources of your system. As of now, you cannot be in absolute control of your data. However, cloud computing is executed with dedicated servers and cluster servers that provide utmost data security. It is a great concept and is here to stay. The feeling of not being in control is not entirely misplaced but it definitely cannot belittle cloud computing’s offerings. Keep watching this space for more analysis on this subject.

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