What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a relatively new concept although it is based on concepts and technologies that have been around for at least 40 years. It involves the use of the Internet as a means of providing enterprise-wide server space for small companies who cannot afford to purchase their own servers. After all, the cost of maintaining large data centers can be a huge barrier to entry for a small start up and could even put some small companies out of business or close the doors to competitiveness against larger, more established companies. Cloud computing promises to diminish those benefits.

But there are some drawbacks to cloud computing. For example:

  • There may be more security risks
  • You are likely sharing server space with other companies
  • It could cost you more in the long run
  • You may have multiple points of entry and more passwords to manage

While there are get arounds to each of these issues, you can limit each of these drawbacks simply by using a dedicated server for your business needs. With cloud computing, your companies data is spread across multiple servers and possibly multiple providers. But a dedicated server can give you the security you need to run your business without running the risk of being associated with companies engaged in illegal activity, spam, or other behavior that might place you at risk.

Cloud Servers