What to Expect with Cloud Hosting for the Rest of 2016

The CloudCloud hosting is in a very exciting place right now. It’s no longer just an up-and-coming technology. Many different surveys have shown that it has become mainstream with about 90% adoption.

With the cloud industry evolving and growing at lightning speed, what can we expect for the rest of 2016? There are many things that could happen. Here are five of our predictions for the cloud industry for the rest of this year.

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Becoming More Popular

We have already seen the hybrid cloud market start to grow, but it’s set to really take center stage throughout the second half of 2016. Since consumers don’t want a “one size fits all” solution, using hybrid cloud solutions is a much better option for many companies. This will cause both the hybrid option and the multi-cloud option to grow quite a bit throughout the rest of the year.

The hybrid solution will allow companies to use a mixture of private and public cloud options for different areas of their business. This may allow for lower costs and better performance. Companies choosing the multi-cloud option will be able to combine technologies to help prevent vendor lock-in.

Security Must Improve

Cloud SecurityThe one downfall to cloud hosting is the security. It’s one of the largest concerns for businesses using cloud products and even individuals using the cloud. It’s important for security to improve, as business leaders don’t always know where their security really is at. In addition, hackers have been targeting more small and medium businesses, so any possibility of a hacker attack needs to be eliminated.

Security measures may become more granular to help solve the problem. Regardless, security is a huge concern in the cloud industry and it will likely take a few steps forward throughout the rest of 2016.

Huge Overhauls Will Continue

We’ve already seen some companies start moving everything to cloud hosting. This will continue and huge cloud overhauls will happen for many companies. The companies that have already been on a cloud system for a few years will start to deploy new solutions as the technology gets better.

Many businesses have already started to outgrow their systems and will need to rebuild something from the ground up. With new technology available, 2016 is the year where many businesses will invest in new cloud solutions allowing them to rebuild their infrastructure to better fit their needs.

Managed Service Becomes Even More Important

When the cloud first came into existence, businesses were worried more about choosing the best vendor. Now that it has become more mainstream, price wars will heat up and managed services will become far more important.

Since all businesses have access to the same tools and technology, it won’t be about the infrastructure as much as solving the problems some have with the cloud. Managed service providers will become a more viable option for many and far more important throughout the rest of this year. These solutions will provide a competitive advantage for some and a convenience for others.

Containers will Keep Growing

ContainersWith containers, efficiency can be increased and they will keep growing. They take up less space compared to virtual machines and they come with operating systems. Containers also help to keep overhead down. They won’t replace virtual machines, but they will continue to grow throughout the rest of this year.

These are just a few of the predictions for the fast-growing cloud industry. The industry will continue to grow throughout the rest of this year with plenty of new, exciting technologies coming.