Why is Everyone Talking about Cloud Computing?

If you’re like me, you probably have a thousand applications on your computer and you still crave for more, but give up realizing the amount of space they take up on your system.

Like me, you are also aware that the performance of the computer is not up to the mark with so many applications on your system. Is there a way we can enjoy all our applications without compromising on our system’s resources and performance? Well, now you can store your data and applications in a remote location and use them without worrying about installations etc.

This is known as cloud computing. Cloud computing can be defined as storing your data in a decentralized fashion and accessing it at your will without compromising on the performance of your system. This technology lets you access your data from anywhere, thereby giving you the impression of a virtual database that always moves with you.

The technology not only helps individuals, but also offers several benefits to organizations since your data is no longer stored at your physical system but kept in a virtual location elsewhere.

Now while I go gaga about the cloud computing, there are people who think that it is not safe. They are somewhat right. Richard Stallman, creator of GNU and founder of Free Software Foundation calls cloud computing an act of stupidity. He considers it a marketing hype. But cloud computing is not necessarily unsecure since you can store your information on dedicated servers and clusters, which are as safe as traditional computing systems if done correctly. Cloud computing simply means you do not own the systems on which your data is stored.

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