Why is the Cloud Good?

This Cloud seems to have no silver lining, at least that’s what the controversies surrounding it seem to suggest. We beg to differ. Yes, we understand that the Cloud is not fool-proof yet, but we are sure that in the time to come, it will be one of the most popular and effective technologies.

Let me tell you how cloud computing helps us.

  • It cuts down costs. The cost of implementing cloud computing is less and the operational costs are greatly reduced. One of the biggest advantages of the Cloud is that you need to pay only for what you use.
  • It offers a high level of automation. Starting from regular updates to back-ups, cloud computing makes everything automated.
  • It is easy to install. Cloud computing is installed remotely. You don’t need to buy any hardware or software to get started with this technology.
  • It saves time in several ways. First, cloud computing becomes active very fast. Second, it supports fast recoveries in case of a problem.
  • It helps organizations become mobile. Your organization’s employees can now work from anywhere in the world, thanks to the Cloud.
  • It frees up internal resources. Because of automation that the Cloud offers, internal resources can be released for priority tasks.

Cloud computing brings in a kind of ease and flexibility in work. You are no longer bound by rigid boundaries – wired or otherwise – in order to work. The flexibility does not come at an unreasonable cost since you pay only for what you use. You don’t even have to worry about setting up the system because everything is taken care of remotely. I understand people are concerned about the perceived threats to security on the Cloud. However, I am sure with the developments in the technology, security won’t be a concern for long.

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