Why the Cloud is on Everybody’s Mind

Someone I know asked me why this blog talks so much about the cloud. He wondered if there was a vested interest. I laughed and said, “We just love the cloud.” We really do. Cloud hosting is not a completely new concept but we saw it picking up in 2009. What is it that makes us and others so interested in cloud computing? Well, at ServerSchool.com, we talk about businesses and server solutions for them. And cloud computing has a lot to offer to businesses. OK, let me explain.

What is the ultimate goal of any business? Profit. And making profit also involves cutting costs. And the cloud helps businesses do just that. It reduces operational expenses considerably. This technology also lets you pay only for what you use, saving you a lot of money.

Now, unlike many emerging technologies, the cloud allows easy implementation. You don’t have to acquire additional hardware or software. Installation, therefore, is easy and quick. Since the implementation takes place remotely, the installation is a cost-effective affair.

Now, another attractive feature about the cloud is automation. You don’t need to set up teams to take care of tasks such as back-ups and system updates.

Other than money, businesses want to save time. And cloud computing lets them do that. How? Well, since the set-up is fast, businesses save precious time in getting started. Cloud computing also makes recoveries fast.

The cloud allows you to release your internal resources for priority work. It lets you focus on your core business. Now, do you understand why we talk about the cloud so much?

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