Can Cluster Servers Work For Everyone?

Irrespective of all that server clustering has to offer, it is not for everyone. Its advantages, including high availability and business continuity, may make you run towards employing it in your organization. But it may just not work for you. Here’s why.

You cannot cluster all types of servers. That’s right. Thus, you cannot implement clustering just because you would like to. You will need to invest in more servers that are compatible with clustering.

Servers you can still acquire, but you cannot necessarily make clustering work to your advantage. That’s because clustering designs don’t support all kinds of applications. The benefit of application availability doesn’t materialize in this scenario.

Even if you get all the right servers and have the right applications, you may find the cluster design extremely complicated to implement and maintain. And the design may prove to be too expensive to fit into your budget.

Clustering increases your infrastructure, the maintenance of which becomes difficult. Thus, you should go for server clustering only if your applications are being supported by cluster designs. You have the money to invest in the design and the overall maintenance and you can take care of the security and management of cluster servers.

Thus, irrespective of how beneficial you find server clustering, you cannot take it up just like that. You have to analyze the pros and cons and figure out if it works for you at all.

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