Do Cluster Servers Really Help?

Are clustered servers just a group of servers? Do they really help? What are the business benefits of server clustering? If these questions bother you, you are at the right place. Today’s post will try answering these questions.

Server clustering came into being as a solution to do away with the limitations of individual servers. And no, clustered servers are not a mere group. They are held together by a design. Let me take you through the benefits of server clustering.

It will give you improved performance. In cluster servers, the work load gets distributed across multiple servers. Cluster servers offer high availability. In case of a failure of one server, other servers will make sure that your network applications are always available.

The configuration and management of the cluster servers do not require too much time or too many resources. Maintenance is also very easy with cluster servers. You can shut down one server while others servers take charge.

In terms of scalability, cluster servers are good. You can expand the cluster as and when you require. They can accommodate your growing needs easily.

While there are several business benefits of clustered servers, there are certain things that can keep you from going for clustering. Clustering is not applicable to all types of servers. Also, certain applications are not compatible with cluster designs. Some cluster designs are extremely expensive. You need to figure out if clustering is feasible for your organization before you start counting on its promised benefits.

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