How A Cluster Server Can Save Your Enterprise From Failure

A common misconception about cluster servers is that they can’t be used with dedicated servers. This is patently false. In fact, the best kind of cluster is a group of dedicated servers. It offers the highest level of security and it is the most recommended kind of cluster on the market.

Unlike cloud computing, a cluster server arrangement allows large enterprises the flexibility of transferring data from one server to another without shutting down the entire operation. Cloud computing typically involves the separation of data into non-interactive frameworks. By contrast, cluster servers keep all your data interactive but disperses it across multiple servers in a network so that if one server requires maintenance or experiences a shut down you do not have to break your stride in fixing bugs. You can just transfer the necessary data to another server within the network and keep moving.

This is powerful computing as it means that applications running on different servers that require accessing common files and programs will store those common programs on every server in the network. The benefit to doing this is accessibility in the event of a shutdown or server failure. While common data is stored in multiple locations, however, only one server uses that data at a time.

If your organization is large enough and the need is there, a cluster server can you a lot of headaches in the life of your enterprise.