Is Server Clustering for Everyone?

Being dedicated to “dedicated,” we have always told you how such dedicated servers can revolutionize your business experience. However, we have also told you to take your time before deciding if you should go for a dedicated server. The deal is the same with cluster servers. There is no doubt they are good, but you need to understand if they are the right solution for you. Let’s start with looking at why one should go for server clustering.

  • It offers high availability of your applications.
  • It is highly scalable, growing with your increasing needs.
  • Management and configuration of cluster servers is easy.
  • It is easy to carry maintenance of servers within a cluster.
  • Server clustering offers a high level of business continuity.

Server clustering is definitely good if you are looking at ensuring high availability and reliability of your servers. If you are looking at making your applications etc available round the clock, you may be tempted to consider this. But, look closely, and you will realize that the concept requires you to grow from one server to many. You will need many servers, and therefore, you will have a lot of hardware to monitor and manage. This increase in infrastructure is something not all organizations can handle.

Another problem is that you cannot cluster all types of servers. So, you may not be able to make-do with your existing ones. Watch out for another glitch: clustering does not support many applications. So, the applications you are interested in may not be supported by your cluster servers at all. Find out all about this before you even begin considering clustering.

Different servers work as clusters because of a cluster design. Now, some cluster designs are extremely complicated and very expensive. Not all organizations are ready to bear this additional cost.

Server clustering does not ensure data security. You have to take steps on your own to ensure the safety of your data. Clustering is not the right solution for you if you cannot invest money or handle certain things on your own.