Graphical Tools for Managing Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is a free and open source NoSQL database system, an alternative to relational database management systems (RDMS) such as MySQL. Originally developed by Facebook, Cassandra is designed to handle large amounts of data, heavy loads and high traffic sites. It comes with management tools such as cassandra-cli and node-tool, but those looking to make things a little easier can look to these graphical tools.

Cassandra Cluster Admin – Similar to phpMyAdmin for MySQL, this graphical administration tool features a simple interface that can display Cassandra data in columns, rows, and range slices. It allows for keyspace, column family, and row manipulation.

OpsCenter – Provided by DataStax, OpsCenter is a complete data infrastructure management tool allowing you to manage, monitor and control Cassandra. It provides a wide range of visualization to help you see exactly what is going on with your databases.

Cassandra GUI 2.0 – Specifically designed to make management easier, this graphical tool for cassandra features a row view explorer and filtering of displayable data. This current version is only for viewing data and not for manipulation.

Helenos – This tool allows for exploring data and managing schema. You can add/remove/truncate column families, add/drop a keyspace, view paginated results and offer both administrative and read-only roles for users.

As NoSQL becomes increasingly popular, you can expect the list of graphical admin tools to grow. Until then, the above four are great for many basic tasks.