View Real-Time MySQL Loads with Innotop

MySQL is one of the most widely used database management systems. It is free and open source and works very well with dedicated servers designed to power websites. On Linux servers, a program called “top” allows you to see real-time load averages and usage for all running programs. If, however, you just want to see the load usage of MySQL, you will need something like Innotop.

Innotop is a “top clone” for MySQL. It can monitor single or multiple servers and refereshes itself periodically to give you updated information about your database servers. Once installed, you can run innotop with the single command “innotop”. You can also add a number of options included in the documentation and also monitor remote MySQL servers. Furthermore, you can get context-sensitive help on innotop simply by pressing “?” while the program is running.

In addition to monitoring servers, innotop also has limited server administration abilities, mostly used for killing queries. Innotop is highly customizable, and you can use it to display only the information you need in the format you choose. This makes it a highly flexible and powerful tool for system monitoring.