5 Reasons to Choose Colocation: Part 1

Colocation services are on the rise, and according to many reports, many companies have found it more beneficial to outsource their IT services, including their dedicated servers, to managed service providers. Whether you outsource your systems to the cloud or simply house your own servers at an off-site facility, there are many reasons to choose this type of hosting.

1. Connectivity – As it was once often called, the Internet is an “information super highway”. It is probably more akin to a highway now than it was when the phrase was coined. With possible network congestion at every turn, companies with bandwidth-heavy servers need high-speed, low latency connectivity. Colocation providers often have data centers that sit on global fiber networks, which usually means their connectivity is much better than what you can get in-house.

2. Power Management – While it is conceivable for you to have the best power and cooling in your own data center, it is very expensive and costly to maintain. Managed service providers have to meet power and redundancy standards and keep their power usage efficiency (PUE) ratings on par with or better than their competitors. This means that you can be sure to get ideal reliability.

3. Security – Hiring your own security staff and having state-of-the-art monitoring and alerting systems is also expensive. With a colocation provider, your servers can benefit from features like 24/7 manned security, biometric and card access, and CCTV monitoring and alerting systems.

In Part 2 we will look at 2 more reasons to choose colocation over in-house server hosting.

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