Energy Efficient Data Center Cooling

Depending on where you are located, summer can get very hot. That means it is more important than ever to keep your servers running cool. The following are some innovative ways people are making new energy efficient data centers.

1. Free air cooling – Despite the name, “free” does not mean it does not cost you anything, but free air cooling involves taking cooler air from outside and using it to cool water that cools the data center. Obviously this does not work in summer, but it can save money in cool months that you can use in summer.

2. Water recycling – Goolge, HP and some others are actually treating water that they use for cooling, returning the purified water to the water supply. This is actually cheaper than bringing in fresh water and helps the environment as well.

3. Open air – A data center designed with the right orientation for maximum wind throughput and air flow can actually naturally cool servers to some extent. This would not be enough in extreme heat, but in moderate climates, it can certainly help reduce cooling costs.

4. Submersion – While it sounds like server suicide, some data centers actually submerge their servers in liquid cooling containers. The liquid naturally has a lower temperature than the open air, and as long as the enclosures stay closed, no circuitry is damaged.