Future of Data Centers

The data center, also known as the server farm, is the place where servers are kept. Organizations that own servers have to deal with managing not only their servers but also their data centers. A data center has to look at the security of the servers apart from ensuring their availability and functionality.

Data centers not only consume physical space but need uninterrupted power consumption for cooling and other purposes. The colossal stature of a data center can make any organization concerned about its maintenance and management. Nowadays, organizations are looking at shrinking their data centers.

Shrinking a data center boils down to using less space, buying and maintaining less hardware, and consuming less power. John Edwards analyzes the steps taken by various organizations to achieve this shrinking in his article titled ‘The incredible shrinking data center’ in ComputerWorld. His conclusion reads:

Rare would be an enterprise that has shrunk its data center but hasn’t reaped multiple positive results, particularly when virtualization is part of the plan.

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Virtualization is already helping decrease the size of data centers. Virtual servers are taking less space in the data center with fewer physical servers. Then there is the concept of colocation servers where your servers are located in the service provider’s premises. Cloud computing has also become popular as it lets you store your data in a remote location. All these make it possible for the data center to become smaller.

With the way technologies have evolved over the last century, a few decades later, our future generations will see servers the size of our palm and technologies that make their maintenance hassle-free.

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