How Important is the Green Data Center?

You have likely heard a lot of discussion and even commercial promotion about green data centers. These are data centers that have taken steps to make their facilities more environmentally friendly, reduce carbon emissions, and find better ways to run and cool their servers. How important is the concept of the green data center? Should you pay any attention to it at all?

Green technology has many benefits, among which are:

  • You can help save the planet, one that we and our children will have to live on for the foreseeable future
  • It can save you money. Fewer dollars spent on energy consumption and archaic cooling methods means more money in your pockets, even if the green data center you use is not yours. The data center operators may pass their savings onto you.
  • You will be in compliance with regulations, when necessary. Many governments now require some reductions in emissions and energy consumption.

The most notable disadvantage is that you may spend a lot of initial cost converting your data center and purchasing new hardware. If you can afford that initial cost, you will have savings in the future and reap all of the aforementioned benefits.