How Well Do You Know Your Data Center?

I cannot count how many times in the past I have purchased a product because of the shiny packaging, only to find the product inside to be less than desirable. This started with childhood when the sparkle of a new toy in the store would fade quickly once I got it home. At some point in my life, I learned to read labels on food items and always check under the hood before buying a car. A hosting account or remote data center for your dedicated server should receive the same scrutiny.

How well do you really know the data center where your server is housed? Have you ever even seen it? Chances are, you know very little about it. You likely leased a server or even multiple servers because of the features your hosting company promised and possibly a few reviews you read online.

You may be OK, and your server may always function well, remain online, and be as fast as lightning. But if you are diligent and want to make sure your data stays safe, you will dig a little deeper and learn about the data center that surrounds it. Some of the issues you should consider are:

  • Network infrastructure – how data is moved and the reliability of the lines
  • Backups – both for power (ups systems and generators) and data
  • Security – surveillance systems, alarms, armed guards, etc.
  • Efficiency – green energy saving and reduced power consumption
  • Disaster plan – when the unexpected happens, what will happen to your data center?

There is no doubt that your server is important to you. It may even hold the keys to your entire business. Therefore, you should investigate and make every effort to ensure it is in a reliable and secure environment.

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