Summer Cleaning for that Dusty Data Center

Summer is in full swing, and if you missed your opportunity for Spring cleaning, you should seize the day and clean out your data center. What does data center cleaning mean? Many times the dirtiest areas are the places you cannot see at first glance, but all of that dust and particles can have an effect on the efficiency of your servers.

If you run a large enough operation, it might be a good idea to hire professional cleaners to clean your data center. These people should be more than maids for hire. Make sure you hire someone who has experience dealing with servers and other electronic equipment, especially when dealing with controlled environments and advanced cooling systems. Some of the problematic dust particles can be extremely small, so special HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners and air scrubbers will help.

Beyond general dust and dirt, cleaning should also entail moving out old equipment, replacing worn cables, checking electrical outlets and power supplies and recovering unused space. Since it is doubtful that every machine in your data center was there from the start, some equipment might be older than others. Take care to perform physical maintenance on the older equipment.

With your data center thoroughly cleaned, you can run at peak efficiency and also keep it looking nice for customers and other visitors.