The Data Center is Important for Growing Organizations

Many organizations wonder if they need to set up a data center in light of the many servers they own. A data center becomes important when yours is a large organization where the number of servers keep increasing. Smaller organizations don’t necessarily need the data center.

What exactly is a data center? It is essentially a location for all servers and related hardware equipment. A data center protects servers from physical and other security breaches. It helps organizations reap the combined benefits of all the servers.

While looking for a proper definition of the term, I came across a definition in

(Source) With regard to web hosting, a data center (sometimes spelled datacenter) is a specialized facility designed specifically for housing web servers, including regulated power, dedicated Internet connection, security and support.

The data center is sometimes referred to as a server farm. Apart from housing servers, a data center has routers and switches to help the servers communicate with one another.

Now, how exactly does a data center help a business? Well, it starts with high availability. A well-managed data center ensures that business never suffers because of one failure somewhere. It also supports the growing needs of a business effectively. A data center is a highly scalable entity in an organization.

One thing that keeps businesses from setting up the data center is the perceived complexity of managing it. The good news is that you can outsource the management. In fact, you can even choose to locate the data center in the service provider’s premises instead of your own.

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