The Importance of Data Center Monitoring

Whether you have your own data center or intend to use the facilities owned by another company, monitoring is something that should be on your mind. Just as a server needs routine monitoring to make sure it is running smoothly and free from threats, data centers should also have sophisticated monitoring systems in place.

When shopping around for a data center for colocation or other services, you should look for key monitoring and management features such as campus-wide security, intelligent power distribution units (PDU), cooling monitoring systems, temperature and humidity monitoring, power consumption management, and grid-wide network security.

Ask key questions about the data center. How easy is it for someone off the street to physically walk in undetected? Are there cameras watching every entrance, the grounds, and the servers? How quickly can the facility go into lockdown? Are the racks quickly accessible in the event of an emergency for rapid redeployment? What types of UPS backups are in place and how are they monitored and maintained? How is energy efficiency measured, if at all?

Unless you have your own data center, it is not something you should have to worry about. That means you need to choose a reliable data centre from the beginning so that you can rest easy and focus on matters you can control.

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