The New Data Center is Green and Shrinking

Green and shrinking is the description for what the data centers will be like in the near future. Let me explain what these two words imply in the context of the data center.

Green implies an environment-friendly initiative to conserve energy. Here’s how defines a green data center:

(Source) A green data center is a repository for the storage, management, and dissemination of data in which the mechanical, lighting, electrical and computer systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Shrinking refers to the effort of reducing the physical space, decreasing power consumption, and reduction of infrastructure. Thanks to virtualizations and approaches such as cloud computing, the data center is definitely becoming smaller.

The shrinking supports the ‘green’ initiative. It is true that this new data center will be expensive, what with more technologies and approaches aiding it. However, making the data center smaller and environment friendly is definitely the call of the day. We cannot let our technological advancements and needs impact our existence. If we don’t become energy efficient, we may end up using the natural and non-renewable resources soon.

The implementation of the ‘green’ measures hasn’t been satisfying so far. A recent report by the Aperture Research Institute observes that

(Source) …while the adoption and implementation of data center energy efficiency initiatives have achieved high levels of adoption, organizations are overlooking significant opportunities to optimize utilization of data center infrastructure resources and staff.

Let’s hope that organizations understand the importance of going ‘green’ and keep their word.

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