Tips for Choosing a Colocation Facility

Whether you are just getting started with server management or are just looking to outsource your servers, choosing a colocation provider may seem like a confusing and time-consuming activity. The following tips may help you choose a good colocation provider.

1. Security first – Features aside, you need your servers to be physically secure and secure on the network. A good data center will have 24/7 monitored security, live guards, one or very few secure entry points, card and/or biometric access to a limited number of staff, and CCTV monitoring of all areas.

2. Room to grow – You may start with a quarter of a rack, but in a couple of years, you may need a whole data suite or hall to yourself. Can the data center you choose accommodate that growth when the time comes?

3. Backups and redundancy – You need efficient backups, redundant power sources, and reliable UPS systems in case something happens to the data center’s power. You should also look for sophisticated cooling systems that will ensure your servers are not running too hot.

4. Connectivity – A server is no good without access. Not only do you want fast connection speeds to the Internet, you also need fast connectivity to business partners, other companies in your industry, and to customers.

There are many other factors you might want to consider, but the above four should at least give you an idea of the types of features you should look for in a colocation data center.

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