What are the Major Advantages of Business Colocation?

ColocationAs a business, hosting is a very important thing. It may be what keeps you going and keeps everything running smoothly.

You have many different hosting options all the way from shared hosting to dedicated and even colocation. For many businesses, colocation makes quite a bit of sense, especially if you already own servers.

Colocation will allow you to store the equipment you use (servers) in rack space located within a secure data center. You will be able to use a public IP address, power from the service provider and bandwidth from the service provider.

Advantages of Colocation for Businesses

When it comes to using colocation for your business servers, there are several advantages. Here are just a few of the major advantages you will gain.

Better Network Security

Colocation Data CenterIn most cases, renting data center space will be far more secure than housing your servers at your actual place of business. Most data centers provide top-notch network security with the best firewalls and IDS systems you can find. This will ensure nobody gets in without authorization.

Room for Growth

Maybe your business is growing and you’ve already outgrown the area you house your servers in. With colocation, you have plenty of room to grow and expand, as needed. Data centers are often very large and offer plenty of room for the IT infrastructure of your company to grow. You won’t need to invest as much money into growth, either.

Better Connectivity

With a colocation data center you will gain access to a fully redundant network. This provides better connections for your business applications and keeps everything running without interruption.

Excellent Capabilities

Data centers will give you the ability to use higher levels of bandwidth when you have a huge amount of traffic. Maybe a video went viral or you just see more traffic during the holiday season, with colocation, you won’t have to worry. Data spikes happen in business and a colocation center will be able to help you handle the traffic without issue.

Redundant Power

Colocation centers also provide you with redundant power, which is another level of security. It will ensure you stay up when the power goes out. Many use diesel power generators, double battery backup systems and other power backups to ensure your servers are always up.

Moving Towards Cloud Migration

Data CenterIf you plan to move to the cloud in the near future, colocation may be the first step. This allows you to move all of your equipment out of your facility and gain increased capacity and performance for your business. As you move to the cloud, this will be a very important part of the process if you want to ensure a smoother transition.

There are several benefits of colocation for businesses. When you want to grow or you simply need space your servers are taking up, colocation may be the answer. It will allow you to run your servers without the need for the larger overhead of a larger space.