5 Server Terms You Should Know

As you embark on the exciting journey that is your dedicated server, you will encounter numerous slogans, terms, phrases, and acronyms. Some are completely relevant and important for you to know.  Others are just thrown in to confuse you. Here are five you should definitely know.

1. Name server – This is the system that will turn your IP address into an actual human-readable domain name.  Your dedicated server should have at least two name servers, ideally hosted at different physical locations.

2. DNSBL – Hopefully, you will never receive a message about this, as it might mean your server has been blacklisted.  This list is for servers that have been naughty, hosting spammers.  Spammers often hack into vulnerable servers and exploit them for their dirty work.

3. Managed Server – Most hosting companies offer unmanaged dedicated servers, those that put you in the driver’s seat and require a great deal of technical expertise.  Managed servers come with support, meaning your host will take care of the server and maintain it for you.

4. RAID – Not the bug spray.  This refers to Redundant Array of Independent Disks.  It essentially allows you to store data on multiple redundant hard disks.  If one hard drive were to fail, a second in the RAID with identical data would take over, eliminated unnecessary down time.

5. Tunneling – This technique gives you the ability to encapsulate data from one network protocol within another.  A common protocol used for tunneling is SSH because it is secure and encrypted.  You can tunnel numerous types of protocols with SSH to provide secure connections and file transfer.

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