5 Uses for Dedicated Servers Other Than Web Hosting

It is a common misconception that the only reason you might need a dedicated server is to start your own web hosting company or reseller.  Dedicated servers are useful for a variety purposes, both on the Internet and in on-premise intranets.  From cloud platforms to dedicated application servers, the uses for dedicated servers are numerous.  Here are five uses to consider.

1. Business Platform – You need not limit your business to a single website or single application.  In some cases, you need to build infrastructure, and dedicated servers give you the flexibility and scalability to make that happen.

2. Single Application Server – Some applications, such as digital library software, database servers, or application platforms are so robust that they are designed to run on their own servers.  Rather than trying to squeeze them onto your web server, give them the attention they demand.

3. Gaming Server – While gaming is thought of as recreation, it can also be big business.  Whether your server is for pleasure or profit, gaming demands resources that only a dedicated server can provide.

4. Specialty – When your websites get big, you may need an entire server just for a special part of a website, such as the database or content delivery system.

5. One website – It may be as simple as this.  Your website has outgrown the confines of a shared hosting account and a virtual private server (VPS).  It receives such a large volume of visitors and traffic that it often reaches and exceeds system capacity, resulting in down time.  First of all, congratulations on your success. Secondly, it is time to get a dedicated server.

Dedicated Servers